June 29, 2015

SPLIT BOWL? YES! Demo by JoeGiannina July 7, 2015

Hey there Woodturners:

Our next meeting is sneaking up on us.  It will be on July 7 at 6:30 PM and, as usual, we’ll meet at Dave & Joan McKeithan’s shop in Waxhaw for a fun filled and informative demonstration by Joe Giannina.  Joe is going to show us how to create a Split Bowl.

We’ll also be having a raffle and show and tell session so bring your latest creations to show off or your spare/excess/extra/taking-up-valuable-space-and-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-it turning-related stuff to put in the raffle.  You’ll have our undying gratitude.

  The meeting starts at 6:30 PM but do come early for conversation with fellow turners and a cup or seven of Joan’s wonderful caffeine brew.

  Haven’t yet paid your dues for 2015? You can do so at the meeting or you can go on the WWT website (http://www.waxhawwoodturners.com/) and use PayPal (a $2.00 surcharge applies for this convenience).

  If you’ve are going to the AAW Symposium in Pittsburgh this weekend, let us know what you thought of the program, the vendors and the gallery.  Photos welcome.

  Also, if you know anyone interested in learning about woodturning, invite them along.  We do welcome visitors and potential new members.  No experience necessary. Come get creative.

Cheers and hope to see y’all on the 7th,


John Walsh

June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015 Bruce Lacy and a Rocking Box Demonstration

 Come one, come all.

  Please join us on Tuesday, June 2 for a demo, some of Joan’s world famous coffee and woodturning camaraderie.  The meeting be at Dave & Joan McKeithan’s shop in extremely rural Waxhaw and will start at 6:30 PM.  Arrive early to take in a pre-demo ‘cuppa’ as the Brits say.

Bruce Lacy will be demonstrating how to make a ‘rocking box’ — that is a box with a round bottom, sort of like the kids’ toys called Weebles.  “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” was the catch line.  Just like Weebles, Bruce’s Rocking Boxes wobble by they don’t tip over.

We’ll also be conducting a raffle of some woodturning related items and will have the Show-n-Tell table set up so you can show us your latest creations.

For directions to the McKeithans’ shop, please see our website http://www.waxhawwoodturners.com/p/about-us-contact-info.html

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


John Wlash, President
Waxhaw Woodturners

May 1, 2015

DEMO! May 5 Tuesday at 6:30pm Wally Drexler Special Bowls

Welcome all to our May Demo.

Come one, come all!  The next Waxhaw Woodturners meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM, Tuesday, May 5 at Dave & Joan McKeithan’s shop in the wilds of Waxhaw.  Plan to arrive early and enjoy a cup or two of Joan’s world famous Java and share tall woodturning tales with other turners.

Our featured demonstrator this month with be Wally Drexler who will take us through the ins and out of making a bowl basket.

We’ll have the Show-n-Tell table primed for showing off your recent turnings and we’ll also have some turning-related items on the raffle table that you could win.  Feel free to bring some wood or other items you no longer need to add to the raffle items.  Raffle tickets are $1 each of 6 for $5.

Remember, our club meetings are open to anyone, so bring a friend  or family member who may be interested in wood turning either as a potential new turner or as an enthralled observer.

Directions to the Mckeithan’s workshop are on the website ==> http://www.waxhawwoodturners.com/p/about-us-contact-info.html

Hope to see y’all there next Tuesday.

John Walsh

April 2, 2015

Rose Engine Lathe Demo by Fred Connell April 7 @ 6:30 PM

  If you have ever seen anything fancy produced on a Rose Engine Lathe then you will not want to miss this Demo.  Fred Connell will bring his expertise and skill to show off this amazing Creation.

  The Rose Engine has it's roots back in the late 1700's and were only affordable by very wealthy. Note this description from Wikipedia:

  A rose engine lathe is a specialized kind of geometric lathe. The headstock rocks back and forth with a rocking motion or along the spindle axis in a pumping motion, controlled by a rubber moving against a rosette or cam-like pattern mounted on the spindle, while the lathe spindle rotates. Rose engine work can make flower patterns, as well as convoluted, symmetrical, multi-lobed organic patterns. The patterns it produces are similar to that of a Spirograph, in metal. No other ornamental lathe can produce these "rose" patterns. The decoration produced by a rose engine lathe is called Guilloché.

  Very very fine and beautiful work! What a special event to be able to see this lathe operate. Not many of these exist.  Few folks are skilled in it's  operation.

  Come early to get a good seat. Don't forget to bring a nice piece of wood or a tool to share with another turner.  The raffle always fun..

  Pres. John Walsh will update us on the Waxhaw Art Kaleidoscope and Artfest of Matthews coming up soon

  And warm your bones with a Cuppa from Joans' stash.
Share skills- bring a Show-N-Tell for us!

 6:30 PM.  Don't forget this one!

March 4, 2015

March 3, 2014 Demostration and Meeting : Tool Sharpening -Don't Miss!

Regular Meeting and Demonstration at the

   Waxhaw Woodturning Club at the McKeithan Castle Shop- regular location.

6:30 PM Come one come all

  Come a little early to start with some of Joan's Famous Coffee

  Expert Mr. Ed Pfau

  We have a great demonstrator which will give all attendees a good boost for
the new month.  Ed Pfau will show us the fine art of putting a perfect edge on your tools to allow a perfect cut. When the tools are prepared and keep a fine edge, cutting is so much easier and efficient.

  Ed has been greatly appreciated for his expertise over the past years. He has forgotten more than most of us will come close to remembering.  So come with an open and sharp mind to absorb the great tips form the PRO!

 Come prepared to share a couple pieces of extra wood, or tool you don't use any more for the RAFFLE. This is always a good pause in the Program.

   Also keep in mind to share an idea to make the WWT Club a stronger and better place to meet in 2015. We already have some good programs on the docket.

 6:30 PM!

January 21, 2015

February 3, 2015 Demonstrator Confirmed!

Hello Waxhaw Woodturners!

My how time flies!  It seems as if only a month ago I was writing to pass along info about the January meeting … wait!  It was a month ago ; >)  (Poor attempt at humor, I know.  Give the poor guy a chance.)

Unfortunately, I am unable to do any turning or play with sharp instruments for a while due to the medications I am now taking, so I will not be demonstrating the faux segmented pen I was going do in January.  Fortunately, Ed Trevillian has stepped up and has agreed to do the demo this month.  Ed will be demonstrating how to turn a clamshell clock and thermometer desk set.  Photos of one of Ed’s turnings will be available on the web site shortly. (http://www.waxhawwoodturners.com)

Our meeting will start at 6:30 PM at Dave and Joan McKeithan’s shop deep in the woods of Waxhaw.  Come early and enjoy Joan’s skillfully brewed coffee and chat with your fellow turners.

If you have anything you would like to donate to the raffle, please bring it along.  We’ll be happy to raffle off your extra wood, tools or anything else turning related.

Bring along some of your latest turnings to show off during the Show-N-Tell portion of the meeting.  And, if you have unique tools or other items for sale, bring them along too; someone may be interested in buying them from you.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in woodturning — or learning about woodturning — invite them to join you at the meeting.  Guests and potential new members are always welcome.

See you on the Third!

John Walsh
President, Waxhaw Woodturners

December 27, 2014

2015 Demonstration Starts with Pres. John Walsh

NEW YEAR KICK-OFF Demonstration by Pres. John Walsh

January 6, 2015


President John Walsh has so graciously agreed to supply the expertise on some fine turning and finishing of some real creative productions. John has done many many hundreds of pens and other beautiful smalls. He will continue the tradition of great work and different kinds of woods with very very nice finishes.