December 27, 2019

Happy New Year all Ye Chip Makers

   Wow! Another year is ready to bite the dust.  Now it’s time to look ahead to 2020.  Our first meeting of the year will be on Tuesday, January 7 at 6:30 PM. We will meet at Kim & Jeff Bass’ shop located at 14588 Bethel Ave Ext., in Midland, NC.
Come early to help set up and chat with fellow turners and guests.

  Our demonstration for this month will be how to turn a sugar bowl with a lid.  Rick Erexson will walk us through the process.  

  As usual we will hold a raffle of turning-related items. Tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00. if you donate items to the raffle, you will receive one free ticket for each item you donate (up to three). 

  There will also be a show-n-tell session so bring those turned items you made during the holidays and share your experiences.
                                                     Pierced Potpourri Box 
                                              Camphor with Florida Airplant
                                                               by Moses

  Don’t forget to bring any Beads of Courage bowls you may have made.

  Also, annual dues are due.  See the note below.

  Ed Hill, our new President has asked me to pass along the following topics from the discussions at the last board meeting.  He will be expanding upon each of the items at the meeting.

  • Meeting Location.  We will be discussing options for a new meeting location.  Kim and Jeff have been gracious to allow WWT to meet at their beautiful shop for over a year.  We have been asked to begin looking for another meeting location, but we do not have an urgent deadline.  The search is still a task in process.  We will discuss the available options and welcome any ideas from the membership.

  • Member Participation.  Like any club or group, a few people tend to do most of the work.  We are trying to gain more active participation of all members.  During the next year, we will form several committees that will help to accomplish this goal.  Please consider the list below and volunteer to serve on at least one of them.  Our expectation is that every WWT member will serve on one or more of these committees:
    • Programs.  This committee would arrange for the demonstrations for each meeting.  Setting the calendar for several months out is desirable to avoid the last-minute hassle.
    • Events.  Generally, we participate in the Waxhaw fall and spring festivals.  We also have participated in the NC Woodworking Symposium held in Greensboro biennially in odd numbered years.  The next one is scheduled for November 2021.  This committee would be responsible for all the activities around setting up, staffing and taking down each event that we participate in.  Our trailer, now stored at Dave McKeithan’s property, is stocked properly with just what is needed for an event. 
    • Mentoring.  This is an activity the club has done in the past.  Working with Boy Scouts or other such groups is a good role for the WWT.  This committee can also offer training, advice and guidance for new turners.
    • Refreshments.  This committee would be responsible for providing soft drinks and, possibly, snack foods for each meeting.  A budget would be established, and members reimbursed by the Treasurer for personal expenses.
    • Website & Facebook updates.  We need a web guru, or we need to hire someone to update our website and make it so that some of our members can easily post the updates.  
    • Set-up/cleanup for each meeting.  This committee would be responsible for arriving early to set up the meeting room and cleaning up after the meetings.  We may just ask for member participation in the clean-up after each meeting.  

  • Storage items at Kim & Jeff’s Shop.  There are many items in storage at their shop that need to be removed including six lathes and many other items.  We will be discussing the items for sale (auction) and disposition of the other items.  Please come prepared to offer a bid if you want some of the items.  

  • Membership Roster.  Our current membership is about thirty people.  We have a roster (in Excel format) that includes name, address, phone numbers and email address.  We would like to share that information with all members so that folks can contact each other.  If you would NOT  like to have that information, or any part of it, shared with other members, please let us know.  We will pass around a membership listing so that you can opt out of any item you don’t want shared.

  • Dues.  The board voted to approve individual dues of $40 beginning in 2020; family dues would rise to $60. This $10 increase will allow us to   occasionally bring in outside demonstrators or help pay rent on a new space if required. Please plan to pay your dues for the coming year at the next meeting.

 We hope to see you at the meeting on January 7.