November 17, 2019

Christmas 2019 -Come on 12/3/2019 for a Free GIft and Party.

Hello Fellow Woodturners.

    The last meeting of the year is approaching and we need to get some information from y’all.  As you are likely aware, this meeting will feature a Christmas/Holiday party and a Dirty Santa gift exchange. Spouses, significant others, friends and relatives are invited as well. The meeting will also feature the election of officers for 2020.  See below for information on the election.

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  The meeting/Party/Election will be on December 3 at 6:30 PM.  We’ll convene at Kim and Jeff Bass’ shop at 14588 Bethel Ave Ext, Midland, NC.


  The party will be a pot-luck affair so we will need those attending to sign up for one (or more) of the following:


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   If we get too many people to sign up for one of the above, we may ask that you bring something else.  That will be determined once all the sign-ups are in have been tallied.  Soft drinks, water and tea will be provided by the club as will table settings, cutlery and drink cups.

   ACTION:  Respond to this email (and copy Kim) whether you are coming or not and if you are coming let us know what you will be bringing.


  The Dirty Santa gift exchange is a voluntary effort.  Attendees are encouraged but not required to participate.  For those participating you  must bring a wrapped, turned gift and place it on the table provided.  Each participant will be given a number from 1 to however many people are participating (e.g., 1 to 15).  Starting with the person with #1 a gift will be selected from the table, unwrapped and shown to the attendees.  The person with #2 has the option to either take a gift from the table or take the gift that #1 just took.  If #2 decides to take the gift from #1 then #1 gets to choose another gift from the table.  #3 then has the same options on through to the last person.  If any gift gets taken away 3 times, the person taking it the third time gets to keep it. A gift taken cannot be immediately retaken by the person it was just taken from.  Confused?  Well that is just part of the fun!  We’ll explain everything again at the meeting.
   Guests are welcome to participate in the exchange as long as they also bring a gift.


   We will be electing new officers to begin serving in January.  The positions open are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three at-large directions.  We have had some folks “volunteer” for some of the positions already and they are: 

John Johnson - Vice President
Ron Briggs - Treasurer
Ed Hill - Director
Dave Sachs - Director
John Walsh - Director

    So, we now need to have two more folks step up to fill the roles of President and Secretary.  However, if you are interested in one of the positions where folks have already stated a willingness to serve, you are still welcome to put your name forth.  This is, after all, an election.  The more folks participating, the better off we will be.

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   This is your opportunity to show how much you value Waxhaw Woodturners.  Please volunteer to help us set the direction for the next year.  These positions DO NOT REQUIRE A LOT OF TIME but they do require you to be concerned about what we are doing and how we plan to get there.  There are some members of the current board who have volunteered to continue so there will be folks available to help you get acclimated to your new positions.  Outgoing officers will also be available to help their new counterparts through the first few months and meetings.

   For the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary roles, there is a requirement that you be an AAW member.

  ACTION:  Please respond ASAP so we can properly plan for the election.


   Dues for 2020 are due in January.  For individual members the dues are $30/year and for family memberships they are $45/year.
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I hope to see y’all on December 3 with a wrapped gift.



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