December 27, 2019

Happy New Year all Ye Chip Makers

   Wow! Another year is ready to bite the dust.  Now it’s time to look ahead to 2020.  Our first meeting of the year will be on Tuesday, January 7 at 6:30 PM. We will meet at Kim & Jeff Bass’ shop located at 14588 Bethel Ave Ext., in Midland, NC.
Come early to help set up and chat with fellow turners and guests.

  Our demonstration for this month will be how to turn a sugar bowl with a lid.  Rick Erexson will walk us through the process.  

  As usual we will hold a raffle of turning-related items. Tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00. if you donate items to the raffle, you will receive one free ticket for each item you donate (up to three). 

  There will also be a show-n-tell session so bring those turned items you made during the holidays and share your experiences.
                                                     Pierced Potpourri Box 
                                              Camphor with Florida Airplant
                                                               by Moses

  Don’t forget to bring any Beads of Courage bowls you may have made.

  Also, annual dues are due.  See the note below.

  Ed Hill, our new President has asked me to pass along the following topics from the discussions at the last board meeting.  He will be expanding upon each of the items at the meeting.

  • Meeting Location.  We will be discussing options for a new meeting location.  Kim and Jeff have been gracious to allow WWT to meet at their beautiful shop for over a year.  We have been asked to begin looking for another meeting location, but we do not have an urgent deadline.  The search is still a task in process.  We will discuss the available options and welcome any ideas from the membership.

  • Member Participation.  Like any club or group, a few people tend to do most of the work.  We are trying to gain more active participation of all members.  During the next year, we will form several committees that will help to accomplish this goal.  Please consider the list below and volunteer to serve on at least one of them.  Our expectation is that every WWT member will serve on one or more of these committees:
    • Programs.  This committee would arrange for the demonstrations for each meeting.  Setting the calendar for several months out is desirable to avoid the last-minute hassle.
    • Events.  Generally, we participate in the Waxhaw fall and spring festivals.  We also have participated in the NC Woodworking Symposium held in Greensboro biennially in odd numbered years.  The next one is scheduled for November 2021.  This committee would be responsible for all the activities around setting up, staffing and taking down each event that we participate in.  Our trailer, now stored at Dave McKeithan’s property, is stocked properly with just what is needed for an event. 
    • Mentoring.  This is an activity the club has done in the past.  Working with Boy Scouts or other such groups is a good role for the WWT.  This committee can also offer training, advice and guidance for new turners.
    • Refreshments.  This committee would be responsible for providing soft drinks and, possibly, snack foods for each meeting.  A budget would be established, and members reimbursed by the Treasurer for personal expenses.
    • Website & Facebook updates.  We need a web guru, or we need to hire someone to update our website and make it so that some of our members can easily post the updates.  
    • Set-up/cleanup for each meeting.  This committee would be responsible for arriving early to set up the meeting room and cleaning up after the meetings.  We may just ask for member participation in the clean-up after each meeting.  

  • Storage items at Kim & Jeff’s Shop.  There are many items in storage at their shop that need to be removed including six lathes and many other items.  We will be discussing the items for sale (auction) and disposition of the other items.  Please come prepared to offer a bid if you want some of the items.  

  • Membership Roster.  Our current membership is about thirty people.  We have a roster (in Excel format) that includes name, address, phone numbers and email address.  We would like to share that information with all members so that folks can contact each other.  If you would NOT  like to have that information, or any part of it, shared with other members, please let us know.  We will pass around a membership listing so that you can opt out of any item you don’t want shared.

  • Dues.  The board voted to approve individual dues of $40 beginning in 2020; family dues would rise to $60. This $10 increase will allow us to   occasionally bring in outside demonstrators or help pay rent on a new space if required. Please plan to pay your dues for the coming year at the next meeting.

 We hope to see you at the meeting on January 7.



November 17, 2019

Christmas 2019 -Come on 12/3/2019 for a Free GIft and Party.

Hello Fellow Woodturners.

    The last meeting of the year is approaching and we need to get some information from y’all.  As you are likely aware, this meeting will feature a Christmas/Holiday party and a Dirty Santa gift exchange. Spouses, significant others, friends and relatives are invited as well. The meeting will also feature the election of officers for 2020.  See below for information on the election.

 170 best images about Christmas Ornaments on Pinterest ...

  The meeting/Party/Election will be on December 3 at 6:30 PM.  We’ll convene at Kim and Jeff Bass’ shop at 14588 Bethel Ave Ext, Midland, NC.


  The party will be a pot-luck affair so we will need those attending to sign up for one (or more) of the following:


 226 best Christmas ornaments: turned wood images on Pinterest
   If we get too many people to sign up for one of the above, we may ask that you bring something else.  That will be determined once all the sign-ups are in have been tallied.  Soft drinks, water and tea will be provided by the club as will table settings, cutlery and drink cups.

   ACTION:  Respond to this email (and copy Kim) whether you are coming or not and if you are coming let us know what you will be bringing.


  The Dirty Santa gift exchange is a voluntary effort.  Attendees are encouraged but not required to participate.  For those participating you  must bring a wrapped, turned gift and place it on the table provided.  Each participant will be given a number from 1 to however many people are participating (e.g., 1 to 15).  Starting with the person with #1 a gift will be selected from the table, unwrapped and shown to the attendees.  The person with #2 has the option to either take a gift from the table or take the gift that #1 just took.  If #2 decides to take the gift from #1 then #1 gets to choose another gift from the table.  #3 then has the same options on through to the last person.  If any gift gets taken away 3 times, the person taking it the third time gets to keep it. A gift taken cannot be immediately retaken by the person it was just taken from.  Confused?  Well that is just part of the fun!  We’ll explain everything again at the meeting.
   Guests are welcome to participate in the exchange as long as they also bring a gift.


   We will be electing new officers to begin serving in January.  The positions open are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three at-large directions.  We have had some folks “volunteer” for some of the positions already and they are: 

John Johnson - Vice President
Ron Briggs - Treasurer
Ed Hill - Director
Dave Sachs - Director
John Walsh - Director

    So, we now need to have two more folks step up to fill the roles of President and Secretary.  However, if you are interested in one of the positions where folks have already stated a willingness to serve, you are still welcome to put your name forth.  This is, after all, an election.  The more folks participating, the better off we will be.

Pin on Christmas Woodturning Projects

   This is your opportunity to show how much you value Waxhaw Woodturners.  Please volunteer to help us set the direction for the next year.  These positions DO NOT REQUIRE A LOT OF TIME but they do require you to be concerned about what we are doing and how we plan to get there.  There are some members of the current board who have volunteered to continue so there will be folks available to help you get acclimated to your new positions.  Outgoing officers will also be available to help their new counterparts through the first few months and meetings.

   For the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary roles, there is a requirement that you be an AAW member.

  ACTION:  Please respond ASAP so we can properly plan for the election.


   Dues for 2020 are due in January.  For individual members the dues are $30/year and for family memberships they are $45/year.
296 best Christmas ornaments: turned wood images on ...

I hope to see y’all on December 3 with a wrapped gift.



October 22, 2019

November 5, 2001. Waxhaw Wooturners Demo -The Best In The East

  Time sneaks up on you when you least expect it.  It is almost time for out next woodturning gathering.  We’ll meet on Tuesday, November 5 (don’t forget to vote if you are so inclined) at 6:30 PM.  Come early to help set up and chat with fellow turners.  As usual, we’ll meet at Kim & Jeff’s shop in Midland. The address is 14588 Bethel Ave Ext.

  Our program this month is all about Christmas/holiday ornaments.  We will have several lathes set up to feature the turning of different ornaments - bird houses, trees, snowmen, sea urchins, finials and others.  This will be a great opportunity for y’all to see how different ornaments are turned.  You can even try your hand at turning a few.


We will have a short business session and then jump right into the demos.  Choose to concentrate on one or two or take the opportunity to check them all out.

  You can always become and expert finial creator like Ashley Harwood:

  Don’t forget, we will be voting for new officers in December.  We want to see your hands go up to volunteer to be an active part of the club.  We will be electing a new President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three at-large directors. To be considered for the first four positions, you do need to be an AAW member.  THIS IS THE ONLY PREREQUISITE.  These are not difficult jobs and the current and past officers will graciously step up to give you guidance and a hand.  If you want to have a say in the direction of your club, please raise your hand.

  The meeting will also feature a raffle of turning-related items and a show-n-tell session where you can discuss your latest projects.  Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00.  If you donate items to the raffle, you will receive one free ticket for each item you donate (up to three).

  Don’t forget to bring in your Beads of Courage boxes for the kids at Hemby Children’s Hospital.  
The children (patients) use these boxes to hold the beads they receive for reaching milestones in their treatment regimen. The dimensions of the boxes are 5 to 6 inches in diameter and 3 to 4 inches deep. The lid should be loose fitting so that it is easy to remove.

  Finally, the December meeting will feature a Holiday party.  After a short business session and voting for the officers to run the club in 2020, we will have an old fashion Holiday party.  We will have a dinner (TBD) followed by a Dirty Santa gift exchange.  This exchange will be a lot of fun.  You do not have to participate in the exchange to attend the party.  If you do participate we ask that you turn a small item and wrap it.  A table will be set up to receive the wrapped gifts.  Rules will be explained at the party.  Intrigued?  

  We hope to see you on the 5th.



October 20, 2019

Christmas Party Time!! Dec 3.2019


                                                        Dirty Santa Gift Exchange

   Just a quick update that we will be voting for the new officers at the December meeting (Tuesday, Dec 3).  This meeting will feature a short business session followed by a Christmas/Holiday party and a  Dirty Santa gift exchange.  The gift exchange is strictly voluntary and you do not have to bring a gift to attend the meeting.  We do encourage everyone to attend so we can make sure we have enough folks on hand to vote for the new officers and so that we can have a great time during the party.

Did I mention there will be a PARTY!!

More info will be provided at the November meeting (Tuesday, November 5).



September 20, 2019

October Fest 10/1/2019

   Hi there, Woodturners.  Our next meeting will be on Tuesday October 1 at 6:30 PM.  As usual we will meet at Kim and Jeff Bass’ shop at 14588 Bethel Ave ext, Midland, NC.  When parking, please avoid parking on the left side of the driveway where the lights are located.  Come early to help set up and chat with your fellow turners

   Our program this month will be led by Rick Erexson and will be “Members Choice". Rick is ready to demonstrate one of three processes:  A) Turning a wooden, lidded box with threads (both cut by hand and using a jig); B) The ins and outs of outboard turning; or. C) Turning a toothpick holder.  Now for the fun part:  Rick will demonstrate whichever process you choose.  You get to vote on this month’s program.  So choose one of the following and respond to Rick and I with your choice:

      A..Threaded boxes
                B.  Outboard turning
                         C.  Toothpick holder

   You have one week from today to cast your vote.  The largest vote getter will be Rick’s program.  In case of a tie, the tied choices will be placed into a hat and one will be chosen by an impartial judge.

   Don’t forget to consider running for an office within the club.  We will be electing new officers in December.  The offices up for election this time around are:

-Vice President
-Directors (three)

   It’s your club.  Please step up and have a say in its direction.

                                              Courtesy of Michael Gibson

   Did you make any Beads of Courage bowls? If so, please bring them to the meeting so we can get them distributed to the kids at Hemby Children’s Hospital.  If you need any details, please check out

Ongoing activities:

   Raffle:  Tickets are $1.00 each to 6 for $5.00.  For each item you donate to the raffle (up to three), you will receive one free raffle ticket.

   Show-n-tell:  Bring your latest creations to the meeting to share with the other members and let us know your challenges, successes and funny stories.

   Free wood:  Helen Hatch has donated two 3’ long x 18” wide Magnolia logs.  If you want one or both of them please contact Rick Erexson.



August 22, 2019

Bruce Lacey Demo Man Sept. 3, 2019- TEAPOTS!


                                                            Hi, fellow turners.

   Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 3 at 6:30 PM. We’ll meet at the Bass’ shop at 14588 Bethel Ave Ext in Midland, NC. Come early to help set up and chat with other turners.

   Our program this month is turning a tea pot. Bruce Lacy is the demonstrator and he will show us the ins and outs of pot turning, lid fitting, handle creativity and spouting. Not sure exactly what he will be spouting so you’ll just have to come and find out😉.


                                    "Black Pearl"  -African Blackwood/Cuban Mahogany                          "Black Pearl"

                    7 .5" x 6" 

                                                 "Black Ash Tea"  -Black Ash Burl
                                               Photos Courtesy of Michael Gibson. 

  Don’t forget to bring your unneeded turning related tools and/or materials to donate to the raffle. For each donated item (up to three) you will receive one free raffle ticket. Otherwise, tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00.

  What did you make this month? Bring your recently turned creations to share with the members during the show-n-tell portion of the meeting. We’d like to hear about your successes and challenges.

   I bet you made a Beads of Courage bowl or two or three didn’t you? Well, since you did, please bring them with you so we can get them to the kids at Hemby Children’s Hospital. Since this is one of our major outreach projects, please do your share to help out those in need.

   Don’t forget we have a one-day event coming up on September 21. The union County Heritage festival will run from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and we will need several volunteers to help load up the trailer, haul it to the Ag Center, unload, set up the tent and lathes, turn spinning tops and other small Items during the day and then break down,
load and return the trailer. More information will
be available at the meeting.

  Remember, guests are always welcome at our meetings. If you know anyone who may be interested in turning, bring them along with you to the meeting.

  See you on the 3rd.



July 25, 2019

August 6 WWT Resin

  Hello there, Woodturners.

   It’s almost time for another meeting. The August meeting will be on Tuesday, August 6 at 6:30 PM. We’ll
Meet at Jeff and Kim Bass’ shop at 14588 Bethel Ave Ext, Midland, NC.

  The program for this meeting will be all about casting using various types of resins. We will demonstrate how to cast turning blanks in molds with and without a pressure pot. We will also show how to make simple, inexpensive molds for odd shaped or large items as well as pen blanks and bottle stoppers.

   However, let's add information on resin casting. See this video from Advantage Lumber which handles various kinds of resin including the West System. 

Advantage Lumber Wood Slabs
             This shows a "River Table" being cast.

                         Woodcraft has some instructions and photos:


                   This image is borrowed from the website
  As usual, we will also hold a raffle of woodturning-related items. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. If you have items to donate to the raffle, we will give you a free ticket for each item (up to three) you donate.

  Bring any new turnings you’ve made to show during the show-n-tell portion of the program. We would like to see what you’ve been up to and hear about your experiences.

  Don’t forget to bring any completed Beads of Courage bowls so we can provide them the kids at Hemby Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. This is an outreach program for the club and we would like to have as many bowls as possible to turn over to the hospital.

  Finally, please keep the family of Ed Pfau in your thoughts and prayers. Ed passed away late last week after a long illness. Ed was a long-time
member and former officer, demonstrator, teacher and mentor of Waxhaw Woodturners, Charlotte Woodturners and Southern Piedmont Woodturners. 

Ed was a man of extraordinary skills.

  We are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting on the 6th.


June 27, 2019

Sir Erickson :Skinny Bowl July 2, 2019 6:30 PM sharp!

                                           Waxhaw Woodturners

   Just a reminder that our July meeting is next Tuesday, July 2nd. The meeting will start at 6:30 as usual at Kim and Jeff’s shop. This month Rick Erexson will be showing us how to make a skinny bowl out of a tree branch. 

Come early and socialize. See you all there 

   I do bet Sir Rick will do a lot better than this.  His skills are so good he can't do this kind.

   Plus he is promising to make it thinnnnnnnn....
   Come and see the master at work!

May 27, 2019

Miniture Goblets- June 4, 2019 AD @ The Bass Compound

    The June Waxhaw Woodturners meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 4. We’ll start at 6:30 PM, but you are welcome to come early to help set up or just chat with other turners. We’ll be meeting at Kim and Jeff Bass’ shop at 14588 Bethel Ave Ext. in Midland, NC.

   Our program this month features David Troutman who will show us his techniques for making miniature goblets such as these.

                                                            -Just as nice as sliced Bread!

                                                      A plain fine grained maple or such?
                                                             Now try it with some nice exotic woods.........

    In addition to David’s demo, we will hold a raffle for Woodturning related items. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. At the end of the raffle we will have a drawing for the Turner of the Month so don’t throw away your tickets just yet.

    We will also have a Show-n-tell session where you can highlight your recent turnings and share your successes and/or challenges.

    If you have completed any Beads of Courage bowls, please bring them to the meeting for distribution to the kids at Hemby Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.

    Don’t forget the upcoming AAW Symposium in Raleigh from July 11-14. AAW is seeking volunteers to help with the functioning of the symposium. There are opportunities to help with the raffle (see Rick Erexson), youth turning, t-shirt sales, Tool Room and other areas. Spouses are welcome to volunteer as well.

   Hope to see y’all at the meeting on the 4th. 

Bring your   "Have a Great Evening of Creativity Hat" !!!



March 7, 2019

March Program:  Vacuum Chucks and How to Use Them

Our next meeting is on March 5 at 6:30 PM.  We will be meeting at Kim and Jeff’s shop at 14588 Bethel Ave Ext, Midland, NC.  Come early to help set up and chat with fellow turners.

This month’s demo will be on a system that is but one way to securely hold bowls and other items for finishing the bottom.  Joe Giannina will be discussing and showing how to build and use a vacuum chuck.  This looks to be a great demo.  Vacuum chucks don’t need to be overly complicated nor do they need to be prohibitively expensive.  There are many options when it comes to vacuum chucks and Joe will show us how to build and use a reasonably affordable system.

We need to start planning for the Waxhaw Kaleidoscope Festival which is going to be held on Saturday, May 18 in downtown Waxhaw.  We will set up two or three mini lathes and turn spinning tops and other small items to give away to the youngsters attending the festival with their parental units. Clear your calendars for May 18.  More info will be available at the meeting.

BTW, Dues were due on January 1.  If you have not yet paid, please do so at the upcoming meeting.  Dues for single members are $30/year and for families, $45/year.  Don’t see your name tag?  That means you've likely not paid your dues.

We are still collecting Beads of Courage bowls.  Please bring completed bowls to the meeting.

We are rapidly approaching the deadline for submitting names to AAW for the discounted symposium fees. So far I have only received names for two people and we need at least ten to take advantage of the discount.  We are also looking for volunteers to help out with lathe raffle ticket sales at the symposium and to help in the tool room.  If you are interested please see Rick Erexson (raffle) or me (tool room).

As usual, we will be holding a raffle for woodturning related items.  Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  If you have anything (wood, tools, jigs, etc.) laying around the shop/garage that is turning related and you can’t remember a) when you last used it or b) why you bought in the first place, donate it to the raffle.  For each donated item, up to a maximum of three, you will receive one free raffle ticket.

Bring your latest turnings to show off during the Show-n-Tell portion of the evening’s program.  Let us know what you made, and how easy/difficult it was and any lessons learned you may have gleaned from your turning experience.

January 22, 2019

Rick Eickson: Super Explanation of Green Wood Advantages Feb 5, 2019

  Well, hi there, woodturners.   It’s almost that time again.  We’ll be meeting on Tuesday, February 5 at 6:30 PM.  We’ll be in Kim and Jeff Bass’ shop once again.  The address is 14588 Bethel Ave Ext, Midland, NC.

   This month’s program features Rick Erexson who will show us how to turn green bowls.  Rick will explain the advantages of turning green and also discuss some the reasons to turn seasoned wood as a contrast.  This should be a great demo as bowl turning is probably the number one thing done on the lathe and we all could use some pointers on how to turn bowls. This is especially true for us as we need to turn a lot more Beads of Courage bowls.  More on that later.


  On Saturday, February 9 at 1: 00 PM, Rick will lead us in a workshop on bowl turning as a follow on to his demo.  We’ll have a sign up sheet at the meeting.  Rick will supply the blanks for the workshop from a tree that “fell” in his yard (don’t tell his wife 😉).  Bring your bowl gouges and other turning tools, a face shield and your enthusiasm.  

  During the meeting on the 5th, we will hold a raffle for turning related items (tools, accessories, wood, etc.).  Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  If you wish to donate any similar items to the raffle, we will give you a free raffle ticket for each item (up to three) that you donate.

  Following the raffle we will hold the show-n-tell session.  Bring your latest turnings to show and share your experiences.  You did turn a Nisse Doll after the last meeting, right?  

  Don’t forget to bring in any Beads of Courage bowls you’ve made so we can help out the kids at Hemby Children’s Hospital.

  If you are going to go to the AAW Symposium in Raleigh this July and you want to take advantage of a discounted registration fee, please come prepared to write a check for the fee. If we get 10 AAW members to sign up together, AAW will discount your fee by 10%.  That’s a savings of $32.50 which you can put toward buying stuff from the 100+ vendors who will be tempting us with their wares.

  Remember guests are always welcome.  If you have family or friends who may be interested in learning a little bit about woodturning, please bring them with you.  

I hope to see y’all on the 5th.