November 17, 2018

Christmas Party! Dec 4. Bring Spouses or Significant Other

   Hello Woodturners.  In lieu of a demonstration at the December 4 meeting, we will be having a Christmas party.  Spouses are welcome.  This will be a covered dish affair, so please bring one of your favorite covered dishes to share with everyone.  We will provide drinks (soft drinks, water, sweet and unsweetened tea) and deserts.  There will be a $5.00/person charge to cover the cost of the drinks, deserts and dinnerware.


  We will also be having a ‘Dirty Santa’ gift exchange.  This is an extremely fun event which has been very successful at other area clubs.

This is how it works:
  • Voluntary participation.  Bring a turned gift if you wish to participate. This is not required to attend the party.
  • Participants bring a wrapped turned item to give away.  All gifts are put on a table.  Each person bringing a gift all be given a raffle ticket (lot).
  • The first participant (chosen by lot) can select any gift on the table
  • The next participant (again by lot) can either choose to take a gift from the table or take the item (steal) just picked by the first person.  If the first person has to give up his/her gift, then they get to choose next.  
  • If a gift is taken (stolen) from someone, that particular item may only be retaken twice more.  The third person with the gift keeps it.
  • Subsequent selections/steals are made until all the gifts are gone.

There will also be a show-n-tell and raffle as we normally do.  

Please respond whether or not you plan to attend.  We need to know how many people will be coming so we can prepare seating and make sure we have enough food and drinks to go around.

Please respond no later than November 23 to give us the time we need to plan.
Are you coming?  
How many in your party?  
Will you participate in the Dirty Santa?

Thanks for your assistance,