November 30, 2017


   Hi there fellow Woodturners. Our last meeting of the year will be on Tuesday, December 5. We’ll be meeting at Hunter House* at 6:30 PM. The program will be a demo/discussion of proper tool presentation and use with a hands-on component for those so inclined. Our soon-to-be past President, Rick Erexson will be leading the program. If you have questions about how to use a Skew chisel or why you don’t use a spindle roughing gouge on bowls, now is the time to ask questions and get a uniques perspective from Rick.
   Before we have Rick’s finale demo for the year, we need to take care of business - elections.  As of right now, the proposed slate of officers for 2018 is:

 President:  Kim Bass
 VP:  Open 
 Secretary:  John Walsh
 Treasurer:   Dave McKeithan
 Directors:    Joe Giannina & Bob Meunier 

  Here is your chance to help make a difference with our club.  We need a volunteer trip become the new VP.  Kim is moving up so we need someone to take over for her.  If you are not familiar with the duties of the VP, drop me a note.

  We will also have a raffle.  If you have spare wood or tools laying around your shop gathering dust, donate them to the raffle.  For each item (up to three) that you donate, you will receive one free raffle ticket.  Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

  Bring your recently turned items to share with everyone during the Show-n-Tell session.

  I hope to see y’all on the 5th.



*  Hunter House is located at 13428 Providence Rd, in Weddington, NC.  If using a GPS, chafe the city to Matthews.

Image result for harvey meyer woodturner
  Harvey Meyer- Basket Illusion ----NC Woodturning Symposium

  This is some serious artistry.  Harvey prints out designs and transfers
them to vessels beaded every 1/8 inch. Colored in by hand!