July 30, 2017

August 1, Tuesday At 6:30 Demo -Hunter House w/Bruce Lacey

  Come for a nice Demo, shared ideas, gadgets and encouragement. Maybe even go home with some wood, or a way to make a jig from a piece of scrap.
  There is so much one can garner from other turners that we always come back with a more creative method.

 Small Lidded box in Pink Ivory - detailed and textured- Beautiful!

Joa Giannina with the beautiful Genie Bottle

John Walsh:his trademark Cigar Pen-very realistic

Larry Fenrick-Pres. Southern Piedmont Woodturners- Gorgeous lidded vessel

Wonderful evening. Sorry you missed it.
   And had PARAFIX 3408  -No Odor CA Glue for sale. You heard about it from Bruce Lacey. It just doesn't have that strong smell that permeates you nostrils and drives us all crazy from the traditional CA formulations.

  Don't forget to register for the North Carolina Woodturning Symposium.
Dates are Friday Saturday Sunday November 3, 4, 5, 2017. Starting at Noon Friday you will be able to go to numerous  Rotations (demos) by many different experts.   See the website:  http://www.northcarolinawoodturning.com/
Early registrants get a discount.
  You may want to reserve a room in one of the many hotels close by, or carpool with friends. Check out the photos of the previous Symposium(s) and get some major inspiration. There always are vendors for wood, abrasives, tools and much more. Well known names include:
Graeme Priddle & Melissa Engler
Kip Christensen
Beth Ireland
Rudolph Lopez
Jason Schneider
Derek Weidman
Cynthia Gibson

Harvey Meyer
Mark Gardner
Mark St. Leger
Scarlette Rouse
Dennis Belcher
Bob Schassse
John Walsh

  See you Tuesday evening at the Hunter House 6:30 PM.

  Raffle, Show and Tell, Free soft drinks, and free camaraderie.....