May 31, 2017

Safety? Well YES, we Better Keep Practicing that or........

Hey there Fellow Woodturners. I hope your Turnings have gone well this past month.  

Yep! It’s that time again - our next meeting will be June 6 at 6:30 PM.  As usual, we’ll meet at Hunter House in Weddington (if you need directions, please drop me a note).  Come early to enjoy soft drinks and tall tales with fellow turners.  Know anyone who might be interested in Woodturning?  Bring them along.  No experience is necessary.

This month's program will be on Shop/Turning Tips and Safety.  This is a somewhat different program than we’ve had in the past.  Rick, Kim, Gary and John will start the program with a short discussion and then turn the meeting over to — wait for it — YOU!  We want each turner to show or tell us about a jig or technique you’ve used or come across that helps in your turnings.  We also want you to tell us about either a personal safety experience you’ve had or heard about that perhaps changed the way you turn.  We’ll wrap up this portion of the program with a short PowerPoint presentation on safety.  

One of the best way we can improve as turners and woodworkers is to share our tips and experiences with one another.  Novice turners and seasoned turners alike can teach us all a new trick or two.  Everyone who has ever turned has his or her own tales to tell, so get those stories and jigs queued up and share them.

In addition to the program above, we’ll be holding our monthly raffle and our show-n-tell session.  So, if you have any items you no longer use and want to donate them to the raffle, we’ll give you one additional raffle ticket for each item (up to three) that you bring in.  We would love to see what you’ve been doing in your shops all month long, so bring in those newly turned items and show them to us and tell us how you made and finished them.

A housekeeping note:  Several recent raffle winners were in such a hurry to get home they forgot to take their loot with them.  If you won something and forgot to take it let one of the board members know and we’ll locate it for you and staple it to your shorts. 😉

If you have any Beads of Courage bowls sitting around gathering dust, please bring them with you so we can get them to the kids at Hemby Children’s Hospital.


We have experienced some problems with the mailing list over the past few months.  To rectify this situation, we have created another mailing list.  This one is called  I sent an email to everyone in Waxhaw Woodturners last week inviting you to join the new group.  So far, of the 45 who have been invited, 29 have joined.  We would like to see everyone move to this list so we can get rid of the other, inaccurate and problem riddled list.  Until that happens, however, we’ll have to send emails to both lists so many of you may receive duplicate emails.  I apologize in advance for this but it is necessary to make sure everyone gets our notices in a timely manner.  So, if you have not yet accepted the invitation sent last week (or dumped it into your Junk folder 😱) please click on the link in the email and join our fresh, new, merry band of turners.  If you did not receive the email, let me know and I will send you another invite.

Hope to see y’all on the 6th.


And remember;  It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost and blamed it on the cost of living.