December 11, 2016

New Officers: All ready for a new Year of Inspiration

   We have completed the Elections for a New Year of Inspiration for all of Waxhaw Woodturners. New blood, ideas, leadership and more.
   Congratulations to our New Board Members and Officers. We look forward to a real great year ahead. There will be new Demonstrators, New Ideas, Techniques, and of course completely new projects ahead. 
  And that is exactly what we need. We all need to have something to push us to give us the courage to try something new. Perhaps an airbrush, or a piercing tool, or a threading method for those boxes we all have made so nicely with friction fitting lids. Maybe some carving to enhance a bowl? How about some sand blasting? 
   SO for those of you who missed our meeting on Tuesday evening, may I present to you our new Officers and Board:

President:   Rick Erexson
Vice President:  Kimberly Bass
Secretary:   John Walsh
Treasurer:   Gary Janes
Director:    Joe Giannina 
Director:    Bob Meunier

Please feel free to offer them your heartfelt congratulations and offers of assistance as needed.


  A big hearty Thank you to John Walsh who has guided us thru some new paths, change of venue, many new members, and new ways to advance our collective creative expressions. 
  Looking forward, we can see a big improvement in the last two years and the next few years. It is exciting to attempt to visualize the next horizon and projects ahead. 
  Congratulations to all the new Board and Officers. This a real boost to many many Woodturners and new members coming up.
Put your creativity Hats on. Hang on to your seats. 
   2017 is coming around the corner! 

                                             Carvings by Rex Kenyon

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