October 15, 2016

Advantages of Membership in The American Association of Woodturners

Hello on a Lazy Saturday:

    There are many advantages  of being or becoming a member of the  American Association of Woodturners. A Member can access Woodturning Fundamentals online and even print them out. I did that this month. As a turner that has has been at the lathe for almost 20 years I still see things in this publication that has been helpful.
   When one wants to build skills of learn how to create a project like Segmented items it helps a lot to be able to have reference material. Below are topics in the current or recent issues.

  You can take advantage of the Guest Turner Program at no charge if you are not a current member. The American Woodturner is published every two months with great article and photos of very creative projects.

Check them out at   https://aaw.site-ym.com

   The AAW  would like to share the Woodturning Fundamentals Special Edition: Turners are tops which covers the following top projects:
• Artifacts of Enchantment
• Old German Design Spinning Top
• Keep’Em Turning: Peg Tops
• Top of the Mornin’: Finger-Snap Tops
• Battle Tops: Event, Rules, and Construction
• Battle Tops Project
• Ballerina Spinning Top
• Turning a Tippe Top
• Splash Tops
• Put a Spin on Spindle Work
• Tops, Tops, Tops
• Whip Tops
The publication is available at the following link: http://www.woodturner.org/?page=WFTurnersAreTopsFree

For non-members TAKE A FREE TEST DRIVE with an AAW Guest Membership!
LEARN • The AAW offers the educational publications and services that woodturners need to become successful. AAW’s many resources, such as our award-winning American Woodturner journal, help members to learn, grow, and thrive.

EXPLORE • Sign up for a free Guest membership at tiny.cc/AAWGuest (case sensitive) and experience a selection of AAW’s digital member resources for a full 60-days. Explore what we have to offer, kick our tires, and consider becoming a full-fledged AAW member to benefit from our complete portfolio of member publications and services.

Thank you for your support for this effort.
Linda Ferber, AAW Vision2020 Recruit New Members Project Team Lead
Molly Winton, Team Volunteer
Leigh Sherman, Team Volunteer
KC Kendall, Team Volunteer


Keep making CHIPS!
Moe Gingerich