September 28, 2016

October 22 @ Hunter Farms Fall Festival- ALL ABOUT WOOD


Nancy Anderson called me today and would like us to put on a demo on October 22 (Saturday) for one of Hunter Farms' fall festivities.  The theme is All About Wood.  She would like us to bring a couple of lathes and turn some items and discuss different species of wood with the attendees (what we like, characteristics, etc.). We can also bring items we've made to sell.

Nancy is also going to try to get other demonstrators:  a local furniture maker and (hopefully) someone with a portable saw mill.

There will also be food for sale.

We'll discuss this more at next Tuesday's meeting (Oct 4) but we'll need at least four folks to properly man (or lady) the lathes and chat with the spectators. 

John Walsh, President
Waxhaw Woodturners

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