August 23, 2016

CARL JACOBSEN Demo- SEPT 6 -Well Worth Your Attendance

      Diffferent location: Read Below:

   Well, it is almost time again for another meeting.  We will be meeting on Tuesday, September 6 at 6:30 PM.  However, for this iteration we will NOT be meeting at our usual venue.  We will be meeting in Sun City, SC at Joe Giannina’s shop.  Because of a lack of parking at Joe’s place, he is asking that we all park at the Sun City Wood Shop and he will shuttle us to/from the meeting. Directions to the shop are in the attachment.  Car pooling is encouraged.

    Why are we doing this?  We have scheduled a remote session with Carl Jacobson of YouTube fame using Google Hangout technology.  From his shop in Oregon, Carl will demonstrate the basics of spindle turning as part of our ‘back to basics’ program.  There is ample room in Joe’s garage for us to watch the demo, but there is no seating so y’all must bring your own chairs.  I will bring some chairs from Hunter House, but to make sure we have enough seating, it is advisable to bring your own.   If you are planning to attend, please let me know ASAP.

Many Demos have been presented by this very good woodturner

   You will be able to ask Carl questions during the demo, so if you have questions about the techniques Carl is going to demonstrate don’t be shy.

   As usual, we will be holding a raffle and a show-n-tell of your recent works.  If you have any turning-related items or wood you would like to donate to the raffle please bring it with you.  Tickets are $1.00/ea. or 6/$5.00.  For each item you donate to the raffle (up to three) you’ll receive an extra raffle ticket on the house.  After the raffle is over, we’ll throw all the tickets in the hopper and draw for the Turner of the Month prize.

   If a lot of folks do a little work the club can grow.  On the other hand, if only a few folks do a lot of the work the club will grow stagnant and those folks will likely burn out.  So, to prevent the latter from happening here’s a reminder about the leadership opportunities for WWT: it is not too early to start thinking about becoming an officer or board member of WWT.  Elections will be held at the end of the year for 2017 and will include the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and board member(s).  If you are interested in serving, contact Moe Gingerich, Ed Trevillian, Dave McKeithan or myself.  You will be amply rewarded for your service.
   If you have any Beads of Courage boxes ready, please bring them with you so we can get them to the kids at Hemby Children’s Hospital.

John Walsh
President Waxhaw Woodturners Club

   -Remember there never has been anything in the criminal code of North Carolina about making wood chips or sanding dust. You are very very free to make as many bowl, vases, lidded boxes, and Beads of Courage boxes as you like! The Constitution of the US also does not forbid your free expression of artwork on the lathe and in the shop. Be Inspired.