February 27, 2016

March Demo by Sir Walter:: Coloring Wood, March 1,2016

   The March demo is going to be by Walt Hazelrigg who will show us turning then colourizing a bowl.  Walt was the Turner of the Month at Concord in January and our Fearless Leader Sir John Walsh was fortunate enough to win the turned and dyed bowl he made.  Here are some photos of the bowl Sire Walter made.  

  Sir Walter is usings a number of creative application along with Mrs. Sir Walter. Sure do Hope Kathy comes along and contributes. She is what makes Walter tick!
   Now a fair warning is in approriate here: You may get hit with creative ideas if you come to this unique demonstration.  When exposed to artistic endeavors you may be at risk of getting bit by the bug.
  At least you can rest assured that it is not detrimental to your health even if it could be come a terminal conditon.  For sure, woodturning is a terminal problem for me. I will need to be involved in this creative outlet for the rest of my life!!
It is a good condition to have giving great staisfaction to all who are bitten.

Come bringing a nice piece of wood you don't need, or an extra tool to put on the raffle that you haven't used in 6 months. Someone else is just 'itchen'
 to have that device and will almost kill for it. 

Arrive a bit early for a Cuppa, and some sharing and camaraderie.

Submitted my Moses