November 24, 2015

Dec 1, 2015 - WOVEN WOOD TECHNIQUES - Bruce Lacy

Bruce Lacy will be doing a demo of woven wood techniques.

Now what, pray tell is a woven wood technique? Will you have an interest in the impossible made possible? Well, you better believe it!
Check out this vessel made by our famous, Bruce Lacy!
December 1, Tuesday evening at:
  • 6:00 for coffee
  • 6:30 Business Meeting
  • Demo-The Unbelievable/Impossible Raffle
Now Believe IT!

Don't forget to bring a friend. He or she won't believe it either! Bring your spouse. She/he might believe it even if you don't! Steele Road is the place to be. Free famous coffee by Joan.

Don't forget to check out the photos from the North Carolina Woodturning Symposium. See what you missed.

Photos from the meeting may be viewed here: