December 27, 2014

2015 Demonstration Starts with Pres. John Walsh

NEW YEAR KICK-OFF Demonstration by Pres. John Walsh

January 6, 2015


President John Walsh has so graciously agreed to supply the expertise on some fine turning and finishing of some real creative productions. John has done many many hundreds of pens and other beautiful smalls. He will continue the tradition of great work and different kinds of woods with very very nice finishes.

    From President Walsh:

For the January meeting, I will be doing a demo on how to create a “faux segmented” pen using colorwood. Colorwood is made from multiple layers of dyed hardwood veneers that have been compressed in easy to work with sheets, blocks and dowels. The colors are alternated to provide a unique look. I have included photos of raw colorwood and some of the things made from them.

A faux segmented pen is made by stacking and rotating small slices of the colorwood around the brass tube.  In normal segmenting, different species of wood would be stacked but in this instance, I’ll be using the same wood, hence the term "faux segmented." I will explain how the colorwood blank is milled to size, drilled, sliced, stacked and glued. I will then turn and finish a colorwood “segmented” pen.

Don Ward, an accomplished pen turner from Texas, taught this method of turning a pen at a class I attended at Arrowmont last summer. I will be bringing an article Don wrote for More Woodturning magazine on his technique.

created by:

   So come to the McKeithan Shop on Steele Road, Waxhaw, NC

-6:30 PM is the time

-Steele Road the place

-Turning is the work of the day

-Coffee is the preferred libation

-Camaraderie the agenda

-Satisfaction and the ability to duplicate is the result!

Yarn Bucket by J. Richard Morris Jr. (WWT Member)

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