August 29, 2014

Sept 2, 2014 - Mr. Tim Rinehart to do CREATIVITY!

Creativity Central!

When has your Creativity been Challenged?

Come one, Come All.  We have a great Demo with Mr. Tim Rinehart this coming Tuesday September 2, 2014. Mr. Rinehart will show his prowess by making a number of fancy designs in wood.

Would you like to see the face of your daughter, son, wife, or grandchild in wood? Well, then you must see this Demo!
Have you tried the Joyner Pendant Jig to make a fancy item?

How to make a very desirable and creative piece from a old piece  from your stash of leftover wood. Or take some peach, cherry, or apple turned creatively on the lathe. Yes you can…then you must see Mr. Rinehart do his thing!

  6:15 pm - some free coffee from Joan's famous brew
  6:30 for a short update and plans for the Fall Fest in Waxhaw be followed by the Creative Genius of Mr. Rinehart

  Raffle Break - win some wood or a $25 Gift Certificate

  See you there!

Event photos available here

Slideshow presented by Tim during the demonstration. Copyright by

August 2, 2014

August 5, 2014 - Hook Tool Demonstration by Moe Gingerich

Moe demonstrates use of his homemade Hook Tool
When we desire to hollow a vase or other deeper vessel it seems we are always frustrated. Last winter, Alan Lacer presented making a hook tool which he touts as a great way to make your own method.

He presents a fairly easy way to make a tool without lots of outlay. Using easily available devices most folks may even have in their shop and in an hour you can make one. It is not hard and not rocket science.

This demo presented by Moe Gingerich will outline and detail making your own Hook Tool that you should be able to enjoy and use with ease.

Here's the Hook Tool handout that Moe distributed during the meeting.