September 2, 2013

September 3, 2013 - John Walsh Demonstrator

Our Demonstrator for September is an accomplished turner. John Walsh has expertise in making pens. He has shown his skills in many other venues and will come and give us some real great innovative ideas in woodturning.

 This is a very realistic depiction of a normal cigar that will surprise many folks thinking it is a real one. The only feature missing is some smoke twirling from the end. But then, I haven't seen one yet. Who knows what Mr. John comes up with next? Come, watch and LEARN!

Not too many of us have taken up penturning but the techniques demonstrated are ones that can most certainly be used in many other applications. They are universal. See the Pen Turners Forum online for many many other ideas.

Mr. Walsh's ideas should give you some real applications for some creative implementation for your various projects.

Stop by on Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm. for as short business meeting and some good chip making lessons. And don't forget our famous Raffle for a Woodcraft Store Gift Card, and who knows what else…maybe something you have an extra one of, like a nice chunk of wood.

Also bring some project you have undertaken for Show and Tell. The rest of us want to see and celebrate your progress with your many endeavors.  Then we''ll  plan for the Waxhaw Fall (Autumn) Festival coming up soon.

Some of the Youth Turner graduates will likely be there to show off some of their new-found skills and creations.

See you on Steele Road. Bring a friend and introduce them to creativity.

Questions? Check for direction under the Contact/Directions tab above.

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