March 30, 2013

April 2, 2013 Demo - Ed Pfau - Two-piece Goblet

Sir Ed Pfau is our expert demonstrator for the month of April. He is a great one to teach new techniques and will show how to make a two-part goblet. He will show the best way to achieve high quality and a very interesting piece—he always does.

So come and be challenged to produce something new and rewarding.

6:30 p.m. - short business meeting

Demo by Ed Pfau

Show and Tell

Famous raffle - includes a $25 gift certificate from the Woodcraft store in Matthews, NC

Free coffee by Joan McKeithan

Come and enjoy being inspired in your woodturning skills

A nice segemented bowl by Jim Hochstetter,
a member of the Charlotte Woodturning Club

Mr. Chip Wisdom says:
  • “Don't forget: About 90% of the cuts on the lathe are most successfull with the tool turned sideways. The shavings are ejected away from the turner and you can easily use the tool bevel for proper control.”
  • “When you use the bevel of the tool, it will prevent a deeper cut thereby preventing catches that are sometimes totally destructive”

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