October 28, 2012

Election Day Demoe and Meeting Nov 6, 2012

Vote then come and relax. The Results will not be in anyway. All you hear before you come home will be bloviating (too much speculation).

Now The Demoe:  We will see how French Dentelle is made.  With a fresh and wet slab of Oak, it will actually become  like a Dentelle.

Dictionary: "un chemisier en dentelle a lacy blouse

Well, not exactly a blouse,,however lace is accurate. Yes, lace from a piece of wood.
Once dry..........this is where choosing the right wood with strong structure contrast (soft earlywood /late hardwood) is important.  Well find out of NC oak fits the bill.  The rays will be exposed as well as the other structures which makes for a real dainty type look. Sandblasting is part of the process of exposing the "delicate" appearance from a strong oak tree.

Now try to keep yourself from becoming to excited before the Demoe. You get you chance to see how it's done.

Yours truly will attempt the almost impossible and pray for the best result: French Dentelle.

       Not quite of wood, but a bit of lace ideas.

P Oudet. (c)Blondin/Au Bristol-AFTABThis is a copy of French Dentelle by Pascal Oudet. He demonstrated this technique at the 2011 NC Woodturning Symposium in Greensboro.

Come before 6:30pm to get a cuppa from Joan McKeithan, then a short business meeting.

Bring a piece for the Show and Tell -something you recently made.

Then the famous Raffle where you can win a $25 Gift Certificate to The Woodcraft Store in MatthewsThey have been so gracious over the years to support us so much.

We'll get you home in plenty of time to watch the returns. You see the world does not revolve around politics.

Q? President   John Skinner  704-882-1650

See you there.....Posted by Moe Gingerich