June 14, 2012

July Cancelled...August 6,2012 Next Meeting

The Membership has voted to cancel July Meeting. Lots of summer activities, folks on vacation, then all ready to be inspired at the August 7 meeting.  So don't plan at showing up since you'll be the only one.....

So please remember to bring all the new creations that you have produced in JUne and July. Bring some items along to show the rest of us. This is always intersting to see what you have made.


Now for a report: The June meeting included using the new RIKON Variable Speed lathes we have in our possession. These still have a belt to change the speed ranges, however they have a nice electronic motor drive with the variable speed knob. They must have been offered at an introductory rate since they are now listed for $100 more at the Woodcraft  Store than we paid. THANK YOU for all the members that have dug in a donated funds to be able to put these in our inventory. The KIDS love them a lot.

The Club Shop has these for use by all members, and of course the Youth Program Classes. A new class is starting Friday June 15.

Craft Supplies have these Pen Kits available on their web site: http://www.woodturnerscatalog.com

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