April 24, 2012

May 1, 2012 - Salt Pig and Salt Shaker Demonstrations by Moe Gingerich

Waxhaw Woodturners Demo for May 1, 2012 at 6:30PM by Moses Gingerich

Demos is to see several new projects

First: A Salt Pig -Multi-Axis object for the professional or even family chef.

"How do we make a multi axis turning without using the tailstock. This provided my delimma for the Salt Pig requested by a foodie and chef? Trying to get my head around the idea that we need to have teh use of a multi-axis has plagued me for some time. It just didn't seem to work any way I tried it, but finally it was solved. Come and think through the process -it's actually a so simple answer even though theanswer eluded me for some time. We will also look at several other non-traditional but practical gadgets help for culinarian.  The average home cook can enjoy these also as well as gracing the kitchen table at your home.

The Dictionary:  A salt pig is a popular kitchen item used for storing salt or other spices. Its design and materials make it convenient for keeping salt dry and yet easily accessible for cooking. Benefits: The unglazed interior of the salt pig prevents the salt from clumping. Unlike a lidded container or shaker, the large hole in the front of the salt pig makes the salt inside easy to reach with a spoon or hand. Come for a short evening of club camaraderie and sharing a nice finished piece or art form. winning the WWT "lottery", or win a good chunk of wood. Coffee served.

Classes are in full swing for the kids, but also several adults are learning with the kids. It's fun to learn some new ideas and the WWT Club is the great place to be for the woodworker or turner.

See you on Tuesday evening 6:30PM at the McKiethan Shop!

My salt pig in Spalted Maple w/ Walnut base