January 28, 2012

Demo: Natural Edge – A different perspective for unique pieces-February7,2012 Tue 6:29pm

All Ye Chipmakers: A new approach by Tim Rinehart. Tim Will Demonstrate some new ideas for Natural Edge pieces. He always comes up with new ideas-just as he did with that prize winner last fall. So he sent a note over with the following:
Natural Edge – A different perspective for unique pieces

Try another approach to natural edge turnings using branch-offs and other gnarly wood sections. This demonstration will walk through similar steps taken with traditional natural edge bowls,but will demonstrate with small sections of less than perfect wood that most all people have access to.

Now when we get to the Demonstration and Meeting Tuesday evening at 6:30 he may even have some additional inspirations. Hold on to your tools, when Tim gets artsy it may be more than you bargained for! Ha!

But do come because you very likely will enjoy this evening for sure.

DON'T forget bring something you made, something you would like to give away for the raffle, and we will have a real good time of being inspired and getting new ideas to make something just a little different. The Famous Raffle includes a $25 Gift Certificate from the local WOODCRAFT STORE in Matthews. They have been such a great source of all things woodturning and we certainly appreciate it so much. Thanks Folks from Woodcraft for all your help through the last 6 years.
6:30 PM at the Dave McKeithan Shop on Steele Rd. off NC 200  (Click the link for Google Map)

A quite short business portion and then our own Award Winner Tim Rinehart will entertain!!

Apple NE -by Tim Rinehart

Dogwood NE by Tim Rinehart

Now there are some real great ideas. Why didn't I think of that.....but actually these are bowls, aren't they Tim? They won't hold too many beans or corn though.