December 6, 2012

January 8th, 2013 Demo by Mr. Bill Carley: Segmented Candleholders

The First Demo for 2013 is on the SECOND Tuesday of 2013, January 8. We are quite fortunate that  Bill Carley has so graciously consented to giving us some of his expertise on  segmented turnings. He has done lots and lots of various projects using these specific techniques and developed a good method that not only works but is very attractive and salable. It seems Bill sells more of his Segmented Creations  than do the rest of us.

Join us for a great cuppa from Joan's' stash and great camaraderie with other turners. Do not forget to bring a recent turning you made to Show and Tell us about it all. This is always a good few minutes to see how and what others are doing.

Don't forget the WWT Famous Raffle with the $25 Gift Certificate from Woodcraft Store-Matthews.

6:30 PM for a short business details then the Demo for our own Segmented Master, Bill Carley.

See you at the McKeithan Shop on Steel Rd, Waxhaw. Need directions? Check the page  Contact/Directions.

November 18, 2012

Cancelled; Christmas Party- due to death in family of Edna Gingerich

Dear Friends of all the Waxhaw Woodturners

We regret to have to cancel, however the mother of Edna Gingerich has passed away this morning. We are so sorry but it seems there is no other way to resolve this dilemma. Please bear with us. Perhaps someone else can step up and rearrange this party schedule? That is likely too much to ask, so we will just cancel.

Merry Christmas to one and all.  See you soon.

Regards, Moe Gingerich

John Limmer finishing a nice goblet

Steve Rembert has found that he really enjoys woodturning which he has looked forward to for at least several years.

October 28, 2012

Election Day Demoe and Meeting Nov 6, 2012

Vote then come and relax. The Results will not be in anyway. All you hear before you come home will be bloviating (too much speculation).

Now The Demoe:  We will see how French Dentelle is made.  With a fresh and wet slab of Oak, it will actually become  like a Dentelle.

Dictionary: "un chemisier en dentelle a lacy blouse

Well, not exactly a blouse,,however lace is accurate. Yes, lace from a piece of wood.
Once dry..........this is where choosing the right wood with strong structure contrast (soft earlywood /late hardwood) is important.  Well find out of NC oak fits the bill.  The rays will be exposed as well as the other structures which makes for a real dainty type look. Sandblasting is part of the process of exposing the "delicate" appearance from a strong oak tree.

Now try to keep yourself from becoming to excited before the Demoe. You get you chance to see how it's done.

Yours truly will attempt the almost impossible and pray for the best result: French Dentelle.

       Not quite of wood, but a bit of lace ideas.

P Oudet. (c)Blondin/Au Bristol-AFTABThis is a copy of French Dentelle by Pascal Oudet. He demonstrated this technique at the 2011 NC Woodturning Symposium in Greensboro.

Come before 6:30pm to get a cuppa from Joan McKeithan, then a short business meeting.

Bring a piece for the Show and Tell -something you recently made.

Then the famous Raffle where you can win a $25 Gift Certificate to The Woodcraft Store in MatthewsThey have been so gracious over the years to support us so much.

We'll get you home in plenty of time to watch the returns. You see the world does not revolve around politics.

Q? President   John Skinner  704-882-1650

See you there.....Posted by Moe Gingerich

September 25, 2012

Regular Meeting and Demonstration-Band Saw Use - October 2, 2012

Demonstration October 2, 2102. Tuesday Evening 6:30 PM-

BAND SAW Tuning and Proper Use by Dave Powless

Band saws can be dangerous, but if used properly it, they are very safe and  a great tool to have in your shop. Dave will show us proper alignment and safe usage.

No more dangerous than a table saw....use them carefully and they will give you many hours of wonderful help.

Come and see some new ideas, If you don't get a good idea we will give you a free cup of coffee!

The largest tree, a Willow Oak in North Carolina is located in the Village of Waxhaw, NC according to North Carolina's Champion Big Tree Database maintained by the North Carolina Forest Service. I guess we won't be getting any of this wood for turning anytime soon. We don't have a band saw large enough at the present time!

The Harrisons -father Ken and sons -Graham and Scott. Ken saw how much his sons were
enjoying woodturning so he decided to also make chips.

A short meeting at 6:30pm, followed by a smashing Demo....-not literally

Bring something new you turned, a blank to share with others, and a creative mind. You will have an enjoyable evening.

Don't forget the Raffle- which includes a $25 Gift Certificate from the WOODCRAFT STORE in Matthews- on S.R.74 east of I-485
Woodcraft of Charlotte

1725 Windsor Square Drive

Matthews NC 28105

August 20, 2012

Mini-HAT Workshop...9/22/12, Saturday all day w/ Lunch-@ Ed Pfau's Shop

NO MEETING ON TUESDAY (this week) defer to the Mini-WORKSHOP  on

Saturday  Sept.22 10:00 AM to maybe 2-3 PM at ED PFAU"S nice shop! 2201 Lancaster Hwy. Monroe.

Well all you Chipmakers..... Come and make a mini-Hat.    That's right. Jerry will MC and umpire this session.

Working from a new WET BOWL BLANK we will help you make a mini-hat.You can purchase a pre-turned blank from Jerry  for $10 -OR bring your own 8 inch diameter-4 inches deep WET Green blank from your own tree.

Bring your own mini-lathe if possible with tools and a face shield. You will also need a DRY piece of wood to make a jamb chuck, about4-5" long and 4 inches diameter finished size. We will have folks to help you out while you turn it here.
New Ideas, new methods, new wood, and of course the basics of making mini-hat from a green blank.

We will have a splendid day for working together making various items that will DELIGHT YOU!

Lunch? Yes, for a reasonable price have lunch with us and some good camaraderie.

Get it on your Calender-be at Ed Pfau's Shop, 2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe aka HWY 200

More info? Call John Skinner 704-882-1650

Don't go to the Steele Road location, we won't be there!

Father and 2 sons in their third lesson-they love woodturning.

The Three Frank Brothers: Noah, Jonathan, and Alan -now qualified to make almost anything! These 3 students are eager and quite creative. They made some real nice items and finished their classes well.

July 24, 2012

August 7, 2012 Banksia Pods...They are Quite Nifty!

Mr. Tim Rinehart has done a splendid job of demonstrating how to use the Banksia Pods in the design of a Salt and Pepper set.

They are about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and maybe 5-8 inches long. The “eyes” work real nice for the S & P to allow one to see the inside a bit. They are fuzzy on the exterior but solid and dense in the center.

These look just splendid. Tim finished them to a high and deep luster.  None better!
A few items made by Tim from the Banksia Pod

There were some good Show and Tell items which were great. One was the terribly long spindle affair by Roland Hege:
Roland Hege shows his Very Delicate affair w/ tiny shafts (1/8")? between each "Spindle". They were held by multiple Thread Steady Rests with each section totally completed before the next section was started.

Next Demonstration and Workshop September 8, 2012 at 9:00 AM-2:00PM -You'll learn a lot!-Promise!

We will have a Saturday workshop on 9/22/2012 9:00 AM till maybe 2:00PM

Lunch Served at nominal cost by the famous Joan of Arc

President: John Skinner -704-882-1650 for answers to all your turning questions

June 27, 2012

WOODCRAFT- Weddington to host Nick Cook-Thurs July 26.

Woodcraft at Weddington is hosting Nick Cook on Thursday July 26.

From Robin at Woodcraft:

Woodcraft has the new Powermatic 4224B on display and I just received news that Mick will be here in Thursday, July 26 to give a demonstration featuring the lathe. I have not received details but wanted to get the information out quickly. Nick helped design the lathe which has a 3 hp. motor. vacuum chuck and weighs in at 900 lbs.

This event will be open to the public. T Robin wanted to notify all our members so we wouldn't miss the demo by Nick Cook.


Who is Nick Cook? His web page gives a short intro in case you have forgotten about him:

   Nick Cook owns and operates the only full service woodturning studio in the metropolitan Atlanta area. He turns a variety of work including one-of-a-kind bowls and vessels along with his unique gift items—wine stoppers, baby rattles, rolling pins, spinning tops, honey dippers, and the like.

His work can be found in gift shops and galleries from coast to coast. He also provides turned parts for local furniture makers and millwork shops.

Nick is also in high demand as a teacher. He teaches and demonstrates at his studio, universities, craft schools, and woodworking shows throughout the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Enjoy the summertime with family and friends, have some sweet tea, and do make some chips fly!

The SORBY Ultima Hollowing tool and sharpener. This is a very good tool. It does not remove gobs of wood like a bowl gouge does, but a bowl gouge doesn't work for inside hollowing very good at all. This round cupped has about 1/3 third of it's edge exposed which means you can rotate it 1/3 turn and to allow a clean sharp spot, and you still have one more 1/3 rotation to go! With a nice long heavy handle the turner tucks it between his arm and body to make for a real steady  way to make the chips fly.

This is a different kind, but some woodturners like it a lot.

....and then a tool that is curved (or also straight) with a system like this:

works very good for deep hollowing. It takes the pain and stress out of trying to hold a tool steady and it does not beat you to death. This type certainly has a strong vote for from this turner.

Now add a light:

Tape it to your tool. You can see inside your vessel!  Available at Lowes store for less than $12

June 14, 2012

July Cancelled...August 6,2012 Next Meeting

The Membership has voted to cancel July Meeting. Lots of summer activities, folks on vacation, then all ready to be inspired at the August 7 meeting.  So don't plan at showing up since you'll be the only one.....

So please remember to bring all the new creations that you have produced in JUne and July. Bring some items along to show the rest of us. This is always intersting to see what you have made.


Now for a report: The June meeting included using the new RIKON Variable Speed lathes we have in our possession. These still have a belt to change the speed ranges, however they have a nice electronic motor drive with the variable speed knob. They must have been offered at an introductory rate since they are now listed for $100 more at the Woodcraft  Store than we paid. THANK YOU for all the members that have dug in a donated funds to be able to put these in our inventory. The KIDS love them a lot.

The Club Shop has these for use by all members, and of course the Youth Program Classes. A new class is starting Friday June 15.

Craft Supplies have these Pen Kits available on their web site:

May 23, 2012

June 5, 2013 Group Workshop 6:30PM

President John Skinner has organized a Group Turning Workshop for June 5 at 6:30 PM at the McKeithan shop. He announced This:

"Our June Demo will be a Workshop by having multiple mini lathes and making Ball and Cup project shown us by Joe Ruminski last month. At the Waxhaw Springfest we packed a box of blanks. We will have the new Rikon Variable Speed Mini-lathes to show off what your money has gone for recently. We will have some face shields but bring your own if possible.   Perhaps we can have a contest who the fastest is to make a cup?     Well, maybe if we can do it safely...!"

Also John ask us to bring three of our most used tools.

This is for a great time of turning -even the most inexperienced -and have some good times together.

Bring something you made, something to share with others........Raffle to follow

Come one, Come all to the McKeithan Shop at the end of  Steele Road. Check Directions page for specifics. Need some more help?                       Call John Skinner  @ Home 704-242-3155,  or   Mobile 704-882-1650   

Joe Ruminski -making your own power sander

Doyle just can't get it....
Remember the Broom: Don't cut "uphill" -
always cut "downhill" - The long fibres wont break- it will be smoother

Power Sanding with a velcro pad

Stephen Gaynier, Lydia Bastian, & Maggie Bastian nice Bud Vases completed recently

May 6, 2012

May 12 & 13, 2012 Waxhaw Springfest Show-downtown Waxhaw NC

Come One Come all to the Waxhaw Springfest May 12, 13, 2012.  We always enjoy having a good presence in downtown Waxhaw every year for the Springfest on Saturday and Sunday -Mothers Day. There are lots of festivities for all the family, and if you check the Town of Waxhaw Web Site you can see all the special planning for bringing Mother to town and have a nice time for her.

Plan to come and help us set up the tents, lathes, and show tables starting as early as 7:15 AM on Saturday. They want to stage the set up. Our spots are at D-1,2,3 almost across the road from the Barber Shop on West North Main Street.

The festivities and all the booths are open starting at 10:00 AM however last year we started turning soon after 9:00 AM as there we already folks looking around our booth. Bring some of your finest turnings and set them up for sale. You just may sell a goodly number of them.

We then need help in the tear down on Sunday Evening at 6:00 PM. Many hands make light work. We will enjoy your assistance.

April 24, 2012

May 1, 2012 - Salt Pig and Salt Shaker Demonstrations by Moe Gingerich

Waxhaw Woodturners Demo for May 1, 2012 at 6:30PM by Moses Gingerich

Demos is to see several new projects

First: A Salt Pig -Multi-Axis object for the professional or even family chef.

"How do we make a multi axis turning without using the tailstock. This provided my delimma for the Salt Pig requested by a foodie and chef? Trying to get my head around the idea that we need to have teh use of a multi-axis has plagued me for some time. It just didn't seem to work any way I tried it, but finally it was solved. Come and think through the process -it's actually a so simple answer even though theanswer eluded me for some time. We will also look at several other non-traditional but practical gadgets help for culinarian.  The average home cook can enjoy these also as well as gracing the kitchen table at your home.

The Dictionary:  A salt pig is a popular kitchen item used for storing salt or other spices. Its design and materials make it convenient for keeping salt dry and yet easily accessible for cooking. Benefits: The unglazed interior of the salt pig prevents the salt from clumping. Unlike a lidded container or shaker, the large hole in the front of the salt pig makes the salt inside easy to reach with a spoon or hand. Come for a short evening of club camaraderie and sharing a nice finished piece or art form. winning the WWT "lottery", or win a good chunk of wood. Coffee served.

Classes are in full swing for the kids, but also several adults are learning with the kids. It's fun to learn some new ideas and the WWT Club is the great place to be for the woodworker or turner.

See you on Tuesday evening 6:30PM at the McKiethan Shop!

My salt pig in Spalted Maple w/ Walnut base

March 31, 2012

April 14, 2012 WORKSHOP by Joe Ruminski-Saturday 10-4:00PM

WORKSHOP DAY!....April 14, 2012  Excellent Worskhop with Joe Ruminski

For all the members and attenders  at the Waxhaw Woodturners, if you missed the WORKSHOP with Joe Ruminski then you will be sorry. Mr. Riminski has been with us before, and we knew he would do an excellent job.  And he certainly did.  Joe presented 10 smaller projects in a easy going pace with time for questions.

Then we broke for lunch organized by Joan McKeithan which is always planned well. Afterwards there was a great deal of hands on workshop and demo continuing.  You should have been there since we followed it up with our Famous Raffle which included the Woodcraft  $25 Gift Certificate plus some real nice wood. Great day and great bargains for learning several new projects and new techniques to be utilized whenever shop time is available.

Joe Ruminski:   Web site:   He teaches and has a great studio where he produces top of the line art work.

Thanks for all the attendees. We had a real good learning time with Joe. Thanks Joe.

Next Month, several new projects by Moe Gingerich, May 1, 2012 6:30PM at the MCKeithan Shop -see directions on the CONTACT/Directions tab.

AAW Chalice by Ruminski

Breaking Out by Ruminski

Door to the Night 2 by Ruminski

Sanding Tool made for yourself

Birdhouse Ornament by Joe Ruminski

Joe Ruminski from Ashville, NC

Praise by Joe Ruminski

Tear Drop Vase by Ruminski

Sanding Tool made for yourself

March 5, 2012

Ed Pfau to Demo BOXES: Different Shapes...March 6, 2012 6:30PM

Boxes? Yup, Boxes and all different shapes and sizes. Mr. Ed Pfau has come up with some real interesting ones.  You see, he has a mind that is always exploring and this time he will show us his new boxes.

    As he said,  "March 6, I am going to be doing a demo exploring the different shapes that boxes can be,,, not all boxes have to be round.  We will look at Triangle boxes, Trefoil boxes, and Quadrafoil boxes. How each is easily laid out and turned on the lathe.
    Interesting shapes that allow for distinctive feet or maybe just a pleasing design.

Now let's see some photos:

Square Box with Legs

Triangle Box

Trefoil Box

   Please come to see these very nice projects. Tuesday 6:30 PM

   Where: The McKeithan Shop off NC SR 200 Waxhaw NC

   Don't forget to bring a peice of wood to share, and a finished project for Show and Tell

   Raffle includes a $25 Gift Certificate from The WOODCRAFT STORE, Mathews.

See you there!

January 28, 2012

Demo: Natural Edge – A different perspective for unique pieces-February7,2012 Tue 6:29pm

All Ye Chipmakers: A new approach by Tim Rinehart. Tim Will Demonstrate some new ideas for Natural Edge pieces. He always comes up with new ideas-just as he did with that prize winner last fall. So he sent a note over with the following:
Natural Edge – A different perspective for unique pieces

Try another approach to natural edge turnings using branch-offs and other gnarly wood sections. This demonstration will walk through similar steps taken with traditional natural edge bowls,but will demonstrate with small sections of less than perfect wood that most all people have access to.

Now when we get to the Demonstration and Meeting Tuesday evening at 6:30 he may even have some additional inspirations. Hold on to your tools, when Tim gets artsy it may be more than you bargained for! Ha!

But do come because you very likely will enjoy this evening for sure.

DON'T forget bring something you made, something you would like to give away for the raffle, and we will have a real good time of being inspired and getting new ideas to make something just a little different. The Famous Raffle includes a $25 Gift Certificate from the local WOODCRAFT STORE in Matthews. They have been such a great source of all things woodturning and we certainly appreciate it so much. Thanks Folks from Woodcraft for all your help through the last 6 years.
6:30 PM at the Dave McKeithan Shop on Steele Rd. off NC 200  (Click the link for Google Map)

A quite short business portion and then our own Award Winner Tim Rinehart will entertain!!

Apple NE -by Tim Rinehart

Dogwood NE by Tim Rinehart

Now there are some real great ideas. Why didn't I think of that.....but actually these are bowls, aren't they Tim? They won't hold too many beans or corn though.