October 14, 2011

WORKSHOP!~November 12, 2011 , Saturday 10:00 – 4:00 PM-meet at EdPfau's SHOP!

MEET AT A NEW LOCATION:      2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC

Our President, John Skinner says: I have set up a small outline of fundamentals that I stole from my Popular Mechanics book and am asking for your assistance in making this a great workshop. Each Presenter will give short presentation (30 minutes +-) of each subject below if possible. Not much of a dictator but... here's the assignments.
Lunch will be BBQ again. Raffle & show/tell with regular business meeting.
As always your help is much appreciated.
Thank you,
John Skinner

NEW LOCATION:2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC
As Follows:

               Waxhaw Wood Turners Club Workshop

                      November 12, 2011 10:00 – 4:00

             Lathe Fundamentals & Sharpening Techniques

Choosing a Lathe -John Skinner,President

               Lathe Accessories - John Skinner

Basic Lathe Techniques -Roland Hege

               Advanced Lathe Techniques -Roland Hege

Lathe Jigs & Fixtures -Dave Powless

               Maintenance & Troubleshooting -Moe Gingerich

Lathe Projects -Bill Carley

                Sharpening Techniques -Ed Pfau

MEET AT A NEW LOCATION:2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC

Don't forget, this is at Ed Pfau's shop at the edge of Monroe NC...don't go to the regular meeting place. This is a one time change for THIS Workshop ONLY!

So set your schedule to be to our Fall Workshop where there should be something for everybody, and likely all of the topics are valid for every wood turner.

Lunch and some good time visiting with old friends.

Wild Cherry Bowl-from the wood pile

MEET AT A NEW LOCATION:  2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC

Captive Ring Goblet-Walnut-a perfect Wedding Gift

Class in Goblets: Ash

Who needs a Makita or a Craftsman? Before you purchase a new lathe check out this young man turning with a BOW LATHE:
See you NEXT Saturday!

October 9, 2011

October 2011 Meeting and Activities Update

The Very Popular Dave McKeithan making
more Spin Tops at the Waxhaw-Fall Festival
Again we had a very informative Demonstration and Meeting on Oct. 4 at the McKeithan Shop. You should have been there.

Dave Powless showed off his Easy Wood Tools which are sold at the Woodcraft Store in Matthews. They don't need sharpening as they are carbide tool tips which can be replaced in the event you do an awful amount of turning. The Club Meeting and raffle followed which included a $25 Gift Certificate to the Woodcraft Store.

Then, Saturday and Sunday we were quite busy at the Fall Festival in downtown Waxhaw. Lots and lots of people and the kids were again delighted to have some real live Spin Tops. They are a big hit as always. The kids were waiting in line all day. A big crowd was on hand with lots of activities and food along with music groups. #What beautiful weather presented for a nice Fall day in a small town in North Carolina. Where could we have a better time than in Waxhaw?!