August 18, 2011

September 7, 2011 Ed Pfau to Demo Tippe Tops

Definition: Tippe Tops-  the little tops that do something they aren't supposed to do!

Now if you haven't seen these amazing little tops you have to try one. They are so simple but not very easy to make. This turner has tried  about 15-20 of them and I finally got several to work properly.

Now Mr. Ed showed us the specifics on turning one of these funny little buggers to delight the little child in the biggest old man in the neighborhood. Yes, and the ere is an easy way and a harder way. The easy is to purchase a little ball at a craft shop, drill it with a Forstner bit a certain dept, insert a dowel and cut off a certain length. Quite easy-really!

But the more purist method is to turn your own ball (maybe one or 1 1/2 inch), drill it, and turn a dowel, insert it properly. Now why would we want to do it the easy and expensive way (just kidding!!!)?

They really do turn OVER after one spins it. There was an engineering class that worked on the physics of this phenomena. They were able to explain the characteristics and how it works. But it is fascinating to see. See the specifics to create one:

Diameter of ball         1"          1 1/4"          1 1/2"

Dia. of Spindle           1/4"        1/4"           1/4"

Dia of Counterbore    5/8"         7/8"           1 7/8"

Depth of C-bore        0.365"     0.382"       0.420"

Height of Spindle     0.335      0.490"       0.510"  (above the drilled Counterbore)

That's all it takes. One needs to be quite specific on the drilling and measurements as even then, some of the T-Tops will not rotate properly.

Mr. Ed Pfau discussing the Basics of
the Tippe Top 1" inch sphere to start

Just give Mr. Ed a call or email if you have more questions.