June 30, 2011

July 5, 2011 Meeting and Demo: Pres. John Skinner shows his creativeside!

WWT President John Skinner is a ready to demo some new things: To make  a series of brushes that you can use in the kitchen, the shop and to paint the next Mona Lisa. He will show the best method of being able to take some bristles to do turning. But look at what John says:

I would have never thought of brushes as a turned item! But think about it, how many brushes have you used that didn't have some type handle? This is a food safe brush used in basting or can be used around the shop. These are spindle turnings and are quick to make and finish. It can be turned in less than 1 hour and made from scrap wood. Great for gifts. If you like BBQ ing you can make custom lengths so you don't get singed knuckle hair.

 That's about it." -John Skinner

So let's get together and have a good time learning a new skill. He will show how, by taking a simple little time you can make a very useful item, that can be used by the wife or significant other or can be given as a meaningful gift. We always learn  a new method to turn, finish, design, or shape at each of our Demonstrations.

Don't forget to bring a Show and Tell piece and have a chance at the Raffle which includes a $25 Gift Certificate to The Woodcraft Store in Matthews. I bet they may even have the bristles to make a nice BBQ brush.

See you there!

John Benton, showed at our Club some time ago.

June 12, 2011

Charles Farrar- Artist, Teacher, and Woodturner Sat. 6/11/11 Demo

Hollow Form
For all those that missed the Workshop and Demonstration on Saturday , you missed a lot. This man is a retired man that took up serious turning some time in the late '90's. He started making his hollow forms and showing them in galleries in the general area. Bot only do they show, they sell. He has one piece in the White House in Washington DC.

Charles has such a kind and amiable personality while teaching which allowed us to ask any questions. He had an excellent presentation which showed the steps and why he takes to create a beautiful piece worthy of any collection. Mr. Farrar supports his methods by much experience on the lathe working only green wood. Inappropriate moving and checking?.... no, he turns completely with a very thin wall thickness to allow fast drying and no catastrophic results. Overnight storage is accomplished by covering the vessel with a plastic bag and/or spraying with lacquer to seal properly.

The results of his careful form and design posits the results in sales of the vessels he creates. Currently Mr Farrar works only with hollow forms and scalloped edges.

Teacher Charles Farrar at WWT