April 30, 2011

WWT Demonstration and Meeting MAY 3 @ 6:30 PM

Time seems to go faster and faster.......It's time to meet again at the Shop of Ed Pfau, 2125 Lancaster Ave., Monroe, NC

Our Demonstrator will be Ed Pfau . Come and see some really quality and creativity at work.

Location: Ed Pfau, 2125 Lancaster Ave., Monroe, NC

And Ed informs me that he will demo making a Pierced Top for a wood box. That is something that most any of us should be able to do. We can all benefit from this skill set.

Thanks Ed for doing the Demo.
Then don't forget to bring something you have made, or
something you want to donate for the famous Raffle.
It is always fun to see what shows up.

Come and bring a friend that you want to impress!

More info? Call John Skinner at 704-242-3155
or 704-882-1560

More Good News:  We have again received an Educational Opportunity Grant from the American Association of Woodturners in an award of $1000 for the purchase of a full size lathe.  The Club Shop will be able to accommodate kids that want to be able to turn bowls and such larger than the mini-lathes can handle. We applied for it in January and have just received the check this Thursday.

If anyone has some wisdom for a good lathe at a decent price please pass this information on the John Skinner or Moe Gingerich. Let's discuss this at our Meeting on May 3. All ideas are appreciated.

David Jenkins, Grad 2010
WSW-Peach Vase and Cherry Burl Pen

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