April 22, 2011

Waxhaw School of Woodturning- New Grads

Maggie Bastian, Richard Bastian, and Samuel McGarvey have successfully completed the American Association of Woodturners Youth Turning Course as of April 15, 2011.  They started by first turning a Honey Dipper and  Spin Top in an introductory session. The next four classes were comprised of making a Goblet, A Lidded Box, a Weed Pot (Bud Vase), and lastly an Open Bowl. Each one of the students were able to do almost all of the work by themselves with only minor assistance and guidance from their instructor.  They exhibited proper safety procedures, and learning the proper use of each of the major woodturning tools used by most woodturners today.

The student must use a blank piece of wood requiring proper turning between centers, chucking, beading, hollowing, shaping, sanding, finishing,  and cut off. Mandatory use of safety procedures and equipment is stressed throughout each class. Each completed object is signed and dated for posterity.

Samuel McGarvey with AAW Youth
Turners Completion Certificate 4/15/11
Upon completion of the Five Week Course each student qualifies for a Full One Year Membership to the American Association of Woodtrrners with subscription to the America Woodturner Journal for one year. More information is available on the AAW Website at http://www.woodturner.org/community/youth/   This gives each student the inspiration to continue their development and artistic expression in the art of woodturning which ends up with a life long skills to be utilised for many situations.. There is no substitute for the hands-on experience of producing quality objects next to a professional turner.  The kids come away with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Congratulation Kids, you done very GOOD!

Richard and Maggie Bastian receiving AAW Youth
Turner Completion Certificate on 4/15/11
showing their Cherry and Spalted Maple Bowls

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