March 26, 2011

April 5, 2011 Demo: New Dimensions and Ideas-The Mohedron unveiled

March 5 2011 Club Meeting and Demonstrations by Moe Gingerich

View 1 - Mohedron

View 2 - Mohedron

A few different Dimensions and Ideas may stretch our way of looking at a piece of wood.  Take a cube, rotate it to opposite corners and they call this Cube Bias, however they use the entire cube turning it from top to bottom forming a gentle curve for the outside of the bowl. With the holowing completed it forms three points from thecube points which makes three scalloped edges.  One of these is seen at Woodnet Forums

It has a nice look, but is not the interesting that was shown at our Demonstration on Tuesday evening at the Waxhaw Woodturners Club.   The difference is the keep the facets of the cube.

First, when setting it between centers, cut more off the opposite corners to allow a tenon large enough to set into a chuck. Then find the middle and part for two pieces. This produces two bowl, but do not cut away the facets from original cube. It's a must for a faceted bowl. Hollow gently but leave the sides quite heavy making a nice looking massive end product. One can also sand (or use a hand plane) to make three new facets on the outside three sharp edges.


We have about 25-30 bowls turned already and will be accepting more until April 5.  Please consider to make a couple more and bring them along. We then will forward them all to be auctioned by the American Association of Woodturners this Summer at the Convention. Yours may bring $500! Some bowls have already been sold!

WOODCRAFT'S "MAIN EVENT" Friday and Saturday, April 8 & 9. There are LIVE demonstrations by very good turners. PLUS the store is having 10% off everything* in the store,  and ALSO a PUNCHING BAG PROMO with 15% OFF Anything You Can Fit In The Bag!!* (Note: most power tools excluded). See the Woodcraft website published on this website under "LINKS" for all details.  Don't forget -if you need turning supplies and accessories, they have it!  The Woodcraft Store in Matthews have been a very great promoter for our club AND have given the WAXHAW WOODTURNERS CLUB  a free $25 Gift Certificate each month for years. This has helped so many of our members to be able to outfit our shops. Need Directions? Check MapQuest Here:

Shown here is the current Friday Class of Youth Turners working for their complimentary one year American Association of Woodturners membership and subscription to The America Woodturner Journal for one year. They learn all the basic tools, lathe nomenclature,  and all the ways to use the tools properly. If you have a youth in the family or neighbourhood that is interested in learning WoodTurning, have them contact us. It has helped many youth to get a solid start on a very worthwhile skill. Ladies welcome, they do an excellent job!

Richard Bastian, Maggie Bastian, and
Samuel McGarvey-Youth Turners

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