January 31, 2011

Charlotte Woodturners Meeting & Demo -Thurs. Feb. 17 @ 6:30p.m.

To: Charlotte Woodturners & Friends:

Our upcoming Charlotte Woodturners meeting will be held on Thursday, February 17, 6:30 p.m.   Come early between 6 – 6:30 to meet and greet members and guests.

John Benton will demonstrate how to cut up a burl and how to turn it. He will also turn a burl thin, then microwave dry it,  showing how to create movement by rapid drying.  Then he will discuss sculpture forms and how to incorporate surface design into the piece.  The attached pictures are just a sample of some of John’s beautifully turned burl pieces.  For additional information, check out  John’s web site.

Enter the raffle and have a chance to win a turning by John,  who is also our  “Turner of the Month” for February! If you have an item (wood, tool, glue, etc.) to bring for the raffle table please do so. We are always looking for items and it helps in raising funds for our demonstrators for the future.

Bring one or more of your recent turnings for the show ‘n tell portion of the program. For each item (up to three) you bring for the show ‘n tell or the raffle, you’ll earn an opportunity to win the year-end raffle prize given away in December.

Good news! Although you should still dress warm for a cool evening, some patio style heating has been added at JPM.  Come enjoy an evening of good turning and warm fellowship with fellow turners.

Meeting location: 4001 Sentry Post Road, Charlotte, NC


Freedom Flight

January 30, 2011

February 1, 2011 Marblizing Demonstration and Club Meeting 6:30 pm

Vern Cockayne, Demostrator
and Member -Waxhaw Woodturners
This sent by Vern Cockayne on the Demo for Tuesday Evening February 1.
I want to show people the basic steps in marblizing wood. Its a process of
floating paints on a size, making designs in the paint and then immersing
your turned wood object into this mess. It will pick up the design you made
in the floating paints. Marblizing is not something new, Its been around for
hundreds of years. It was first used to color fabric and paper.
I will show how to color wooden eggs that I turn.

The first part of the demo will be showing how I turn wooden eggs with a jig
and templates that I make.

I'll have handouts for all of the above.

-Vern Cockayne

Ths sounds very interesting and creative. Looking forward to seeing it, except this member happens to be in Florida. Sure hope I can see the video.....! I have seen this done with fabrics and it is very interesting. All kinds of designs are possible with lots of flair added. The hand dyed fabric seels for lots of money. So maybe someone can take up this method and bring it to it's next level and make lots of sales with it. Wouldn't that be neat.

Be there before 6:30 pm if possible. A very short Club meeting followed by the Dem, and then our famous Raffle with $25 Gift Certificate from The Woodcraft Store in Matthews.

Need some more info? Call President John Skinner at 704--882-1650. Driving directions on the next page:  Contact/Directions

January 27, 2011

Demonstrations Ahead for 2011

The Waxhaw Woodturning Club has a set schedule for the First Tuesday of each Month in 2011 and it is always at the McKeithan Shop unless otherwise indicated. Directions on the following page under Contact/Directions. Check back for more details as each date gets closer:

February 1  Woodturning Demonstration, Vern Cockayne   - Marblizing of Turned Objects

March 1  Woodturning Demonstration

April  5  Woodturning Demonstration: Creative Turning Ideas -Moe Gingerich

May 3   Woodturning Demonstration

June 7  Woodturning Demonstration

July 5  Woodturning Demonstration

August 2 Woodturning Demonstration

Sept 6  Woodturning Demonstration

Oct 4  Woodturning Demonstration

Nov 1  Woodturning Demonstration

December ...Christmas Party, to be announced