December 23, 2011

A NEW YEAR of CHIPMAKING- January 3, 2012 Hege Inspires!

We will begin our January 3 2012 demo with Roland Hege making tools. Roland will show us his skills at turning the handle, then making the actual metal tool and connecting to the handle. We will discuss different metals and heat treating.

Don't forget to bring a piece you made, and the Famous Raffle where you can win all kinds of things like a $25 Gift Certificate to the Woodcraft Store  in Matthews. Usually you will find some very nice blanks to do some serious turning. If you have an extra piece bring it along to share -maybe to turn a beautiful handle for that next special tool someone needs.

Where: The McKeithan Workshop, 7105 Steele Road, off NC Rt 200 (between Davis Road and Old Providence Road)

Need help? Call President John Skinner  704-882-1650, or  Secy/Treasurer: Dave Powless 704-506-0403

Well, now Roland, that just beats me. Why are you doing that when I'm in Florida??  Goes to show who make the decisions around here and leave me out again.

Oh well, I'll let you folks have a grand time while we are sweating it out visiting the beach inspecting sand sculptures.

and the Winner of the Sand Wars TV episode filmed here at Lido Beach, Sarasot

Second Place in Sand Wars TV filming.

..and you can see the demise of the runner up-they blew it up.

December 8, 2011

Free Shipping Offer to Members....From Klingspors...

Just received this email:

We would like to give you and your club members a FREE SHIPPING opportunity during the month of December. As well as let you know that we have updated our website, and we can be found on Facebook and Twitter, so like our page or become a follower for updates, ideas, discounts and specials that were posted each week. Please feel free to forward to your members, put in your newsletters, and share with other woodworkers.

Klingspor's Woodworking Shop offers the highest quality sanding products, woodworking tools and supplies for the professional and hobbyist. We specialize in sanding products and our sandpaper selection is one of, if not the largest available on the web. Visit

If your club is not a member of Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Woodworking Club and Guild Program, please reply and ask for additional information about our program.

To receive FREE SHIPPING (flat Rate- $7.99 value) on all orders over $50 with coupon code FSCLUB.

Offer good until 12/31/2011.

 (feel free to pass this offer along to your members, friends, and fellow woodworkers)

Klingspor's Woodworking Shop

P.O. Box 3737

Hickory, NC 28603-3737

8280327-7263 x 201

800-228-0000 x 201Offer good until 12/31/2011.

Connect to us:


December 6, 2011

CHRISTMAS PARTY ! 2011 December 10 at Sir Ed Pfau's Mansion 6:00 pm

Hello All turners and chip makers

The Waxhaw Woodturners Annual Christmas Party is scheduled for December 10 at the residence of Ed  and Mrs. Pfau , 2201 Lancaster Hwy., Monroe ( aka Highway 200)

They are located just at the SW edge of Monroe on the South side. Come and enjoy a few refreshments and some good discussions of wood, world affairs, and other matters of great import. Do not be bashful, come one and all that are interested in the Woodturners from Waxhaw, our famous group known all over. We have many members that are experts in varied aspects of turning and also making of Designer Firewood. In fact this writer is an accomplished and published manufacturer of said Designer Firewood.   We even hold classes in the proper and successful productions and marketing thereof!

Secrets of these techniques will be discussed at this very important event this Christmas Season 2011. Never will 12/10/2011 occur in the near or far future.  If you will miss this historic event will regret it.

COME ONE COME ALL - Nothing serious is expected to be accomplished except bloviating and fattening of the troups!

6:00 PM 2201 Lancaster Highway, Monroe NC

Questions and details

John Skinner
p. 704-242-3155
f. 704-882-1650

Ed Pfau


Oak by Pascal Oudet, France: 2mm x 5 inch becoming a sandblasted piece of lace!

Burl al a Special-artist unknown

October 14, 2011

WORKSHOP!~November 12, 2011 , Saturday 10:00 – 4:00 PM-meet at EdPfau's SHOP!

MEET AT A NEW LOCATION:      2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC

Our President, John Skinner says: I have set up a small outline of fundamentals that I stole from my Popular Mechanics book and am asking for your assistance in making this a great workshop. Each Presenter will give short presentation (30 minutes +-) of each subject below if possible. Not much of a dictator but... here's the assignments.
Lunch will be BBQ again. Raffle & show/tell with regular business meeting.
As always your help is much appreciated.
Thank you,
John Skinner

NEW LOCATION:2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC
As Follows:

               Waxhaw Wood Turners Club Workshop

                      November 12, 2011 10:00 – 4:00

             Lathe Fundamentals & Sharpening Techniques

Choosing a Lathe -John Skinner,President

               Lathe Accessories - John Skinner

Basic Lathe Techniques -Roland Hege

               Advanced Lathe Techniques -Roland Hege

Lathe Jigs & Fixtures -Dave Powless

               Maintenance & Troubleshooting -Moe Gingerich

Lathe Projects -Bill Carley

                Sharpening Techniques -Ed Pfau

MEET AT A NEW LOCATION:2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC

Don't forget, this is at Ed Pfau's shop at the edge of Monroe NC...don't go to the regular meeting place. This is a one time change for THIS Workshop ONLY!

So set your schedule to be to our Fall Workshop where there should be something for everybody, and likely all of the topics are valid for every wood turner.

Lunch and some good time visiting with old friends.

Wild Cherry Bowl-from the wood pile

MEET AT A NEW LOCATION:  2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC

Captive Ring Goblet-Walnut-a perfect Wedding Gift

Class in Goblets: Ash

Who needs a Makita or a Craftsman? Before you purchase a new lathe check out this young man turning with a BOW LATHE:
See you NEXT Saturday!

October 9, 2011

October 2011 Meeting and Activities Update

The Very Popular Dave McKeithan making
more Spin Tops at the Waxhaw-Fall Festival
Again we had a very informative Demonstration and Meeting on Oct. 4 at the McKeithan Shop. You should have been there.

Dave Powless showed off his Easy Wood Tools which are sold at the Woodcraft Store in Matthews. They don't need sharpening as they are carbide tool tips which can be replaced in the event you do an awful amount of turning. The Club Meeting and raffle followed which included a $25 Gift Certificate to the Woodcraft Store.

Then, Saturday and Sunday we were quite busy at the Fall Festival in downtown Waxhaw. Lots and lots of people and the kids were again delighted to have some real live Spin Tops. They are a big hit as always. The kids were waiting in line all day. A big crowd was on hand with lots of activities and food along with music groups. #What beautiful weather presented for a nice Fall day in a small town in North Carolina. Where could we have a better time than in Waxhaw?!

September 30, 2011

Easy Wood Tools: Demo by Dave Powless 10/4/2011

The beauty of these revolutionary new turning tools is not really the hefty, 15" brightly finished maple handles, but the uniquely designed carbide cutters. Say goodbye to sharpening as these cutters, which add up to 20 additional hours of turning from each of the four-sides, are replaceable once dulled. Secondly, the cutter’s designed so that you don’t have to 'find the bevel' when turning. Simply advance the tool slowly into the work piece and begin cutting straight in, or sweep the cutter from left to right, or right to left.   The Ci0 Easy Finisher features a round carbide cutter for inside work on smaller bowls, or for cutting coves on spindle work.

Easy Wood Tools offers a series of replaceable carbide cutter woodturning tools that address fatigue, safety and efficiency like no other tools.
Dave Powless will show how to use them properly and why he feels these are great tools to have in your tool box.

Come Tuesday October 4, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Where: Dave McKeithan Shop: end of Steele Road, Waxhaw NC
Directions to Club Meetings and Demonstrations:Steele Road intersects NC St Rt 200 approx. halfway between Davis Road and Old Providence Road.  Steele Road goes north off 200, go to the end of the blacktop road, gravel continues past 3 houses, then you enter a wooded area. Just keep slinking on until you find a nice shop. Beware of dog. Need a Map? Click Here for Google Maps…… an easy way to find your way from your house to The Demonstration!Don't forget to bring a recently turned piece to show others, and get in the Raffle to Win a $25 Gift Certificate for The Woodcraft Store in Matthews NC:

Come Tuesday October 4, 2011 at 6:30 pm -Free Coffee!

David Powless, WWT

Treasurer shows off the Easy Wood carbide tools.

September 19, 2011

October Demo 10/4/2011- Dave Powless

Tim Rinehart Wins The Beast Contest!!!!

Tim R. "The Beast" winner
Our own Tim Rinehart has done it again. He entered the Contest at the Woodturners America group (see )

The Contest was The Beauty and The Beast. Check out their website and see all the details. His piece in the category of "The Beast"  won out over all the other unique entries.

Apparently the Grand Prize is worth about $1000. What an remarkable event. We will have to ask Tim to show his "Beast" again and of course his prizes at the next meeting on October 3, 2011

Below is a photo of Tim describing his piece at this months meeting and Demo of WWT. Congratulations Tim and a fine job!

Waxhaw School of Woodturning update...

The curent class of young ladies are doing just splendid. Last Friday Mr. Bill (Carley) assisted with instruction. The gals are doing great!

Lidded Boxes by Elizabeth Buchanan, Tessa Meijer,
 Isabella Meijer, w/ instructor Bill Carley

August 18, 2011

September 7, 2011 Ed Pfau to Demo Tippe Tops

Definition: Tippe Tops-  the little tops that do something they aren't supposed to do!

Now if you haven't seen these amazing little tops you have to try one. They are so simple but not very easy to make. This turner has tried  about 15-20 of them and I finally got several to work properly.

Now Mr. Ed showed us the specifics on turning one of these funny little buggers to delight the little child in the biggest old man in the neighborhood. Yes, and the ere is an easy way and a harder way. The easy is to purchase a little ball at a craft shop, drill it with a Forstner bit a certain dept, insert a dowel and cut off a certain length. Quite easy-really!

But the more purist method is to turn your own ball (maybe one or 1 1/2 inch), drill it, and turn a dowel, insert it properly. Now why would we want to do it the easy and expensive way (just kidding!!!)?

They really do turn OVER after one spins it. There was an engineering class that worked on the physics of this phenomena. They were able to explain the characteristics and how it works. But it is fascinating to see. See the specifics to create one:

Diameter of ball         1"          1 1/4"          1 1/2"

Dia. of Spindle           1/4"        1/4"           1/4"

Dia of Counterbore    5/8"         7/8"           1 7/8"

Depth of C-bore        0.365"     0.382"       0.420"

Height of Spindle     0.335      0.490"       0.510"  (above the drilled Counterbore)

That's all it takes. One needs to be quite specific on the drilling and measurements as even then, some of the T-Tops will not rotate properly.

Mr. Ed Pfau discussing the Basics of
the Tippe Top 1" inch sphere to start

Just give Mr. Ed a call or email if you have more questions.

July 26, 2011

August 2, 2011 Demo by Jack Reyome @ 6:30 pm

Here in the lazy dog days we have a Demonstration  by one of our really good folks that have presented for us previously. Jack Reyome will again show us how to make WILD GAME Calls. We have seen a few of these before but now get a real expert. These often are very pretty with various woods and design.

We are looking forward to seeing Mr. Reyome being with us so get ready for a nice time, our very nice Raffle,  and bring your SHOW and TELL items, and also bring something to trade or donate for the Raffle. Come and have a good time together. ---coffee? ....very likely if Joan McKeithan gets back from the beach!

Regular meeting site: The McKeithan Shop Extraordinaire. Directions? Check for those on the next pages...

See you there.

June 30, 2011

July 5, 2011 Meeting and Demo: Pres. John Skinner shows his creativeside!

WWT President John Skinner is a ready to demo some new things: To make  a series of brushes that you can use in the kitchen, the shop and to paint the next Mona Lisa. He will show the best method of being able to take some bristles to do turning. But look at what John says:

I would have never thought of brushes as a turned item! But think about it, how many brushes have you used that didn't have some type handle? This is a food safe brush used in basting or can be used around the shop. These are spindle turnings and are quick to make and finish. It can be turned in less than 1 hour and made from scrap wood. Great for gifts. If you like BBQ ing you can make custom lengths so you don't get singed knuckle hair.

 That's about it." -John Skinner

So let's get together and have a good time learning a new skill. He will show how, by taking a simple little time you can make a very useful item, that can be used by the wife or significant other or can be given as a meaningful gift. We always learn  a new method to turn, finish, design, or shape at each of our Demonstrations.

Don't forget to bring a Show and Tell piece and have a chance at the Raffle which includes a $25 Gift Certificate to The Woodcraft Store in Matthews. I bet they may even have the bristles to make a nice BBQ brush.

See you there!

John Benton, showed at our Club some time ago.

June 12, 2011

Charles Farrar- Artist, Teacher, and Woodturner Sat. 6/11/11 Demo

Hollow Form
For all those that missed the Workshop and Demonstration on Saturday , you missed a lot. This man is a retired man that took up serious turning some time in the late '90's. He started making his hollow forms and showing them in galleries in the general area. Bot only do they show, they sell. He has one piece in the White House in Washington DC.

Charles has such a kind and amiable personality while teaching which allowed us to ask any questions. He had an excellent presentation which showed the steps and why he takes to create a beautiful piece worthy of any collection. Mr. Farrar supports his methods by much experience on the lathe working only green wood. Inappropriate moving and checking?.... no, he turns completely with a very thin wall thickness to allow fast drying and no catastrophic results. Overnight storage is accomplished by covering the vessel with a plastic bag and/or spraying with lacquer to seal properly.

The results of his careful form and design posits the results in sales of the vessels he creates. Currently Mr Farrar works only with hollow forms and scalloped edges.

Teacher Charles Farrar at WWT

May 30, 2011

WWT Demo/Class on SAT June 11, 2011- NEW DATE!

Charles Farrar, Artist Extroadinaire
Hello Woodturners,

Well, June's the "first Tuesday" meeting date has been CHANGED to Saturday  June 11, 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM. Lunch will be catered for $7.50ea. so PLEASE notify John Skinner cell: 704-882-1650 or home 704-242-3155. Note it is the same meeting place as usual: the very end of Steele Rd at the shop of Dave and Joan McKeithan.

This is a Demo and workshop/class with Charles Farrar:

"Attendees will see how the demonstrator turns an open-faced bowl so that it's edge can be fashioned in a scalloped form. It should be understood that scalloped edge bowls require turning and off-lathe handwork using rasps, power sanders, etc. The class is intended to provide a look at woodturning with an eye toward creative thinking and design."

As you can see this is a needed exercise for every woodturner in that when we produce an item on the lathe we can just make willy-nilly cuts or we can be careful what the end result will be, how it looks to others: does it "feel" interesting with some excitement or intrigue.

Charles has done lots of very good quality work for lots of folks. He has that creative flair yet he can show how you can do it also. Mr. Farrar is a great man to demo and teach woodturning methods to us. We welcome him!

May 15, 2011

Charlotte Woodturners invites us to join in their next meeting: May 19,2011 @ 6:30PM

To:  Charlotte Woodturners & Friends

Our next meeting is scheduled for the 19th @ 6:30 PM and will be held at JPM as usual. Our theme for this meeting is a “Turner’s Fellowship” with a goal of getting the attendees talking about woodturning with each other. So many times we meet and concentrate on an individual and their demonstration. With this meeting, we’ll have lathes set up. Everyone is welcome to gather around the lathes in break out groups and discuss whatever topic they would like.

If you have a tool you would like sharpened, bring it. We can have a group around the sharpening station. If you have a new bowl gouge and don’t know how to grind it from the “factory grind” here’s your opportunity to get someone to show you how. Skew chisels, no problem for the old hats. Ask one of them to give you some pointers.

If you have a jig that you like to use, bring it. Someone at the meeting would like to look at it and talk about it. Hopefully we’ll see Bruce or Roland’s latest gadget if they’re able to make the meeting.

If you have a finishing solution or technique you have had success with, bring it. Many people have expressed interest in improving their finishing techniques. Charles Farrar will be prepared with his ideas about finishing and Raymond Overman will bring his latest finishing rig with him too. We’d love to see yours as well.

As an added bonus, Binh Pho will be visiting with us that evening as a guest with John Benton. I’m sure they’ll both have lots of input with their expertise.

This is a great opportunity for a jump start with new turners. Bring a guest!

Other business for May 19th:

Raffle tickets will be sold for the usual raffle items. The “Turner of the Month” is Dwight Hartsell who donated the piece after the recent Woodworkers Show.

Also, raffle tickets for a lathe, hand painted by Binh Pho, will be available.

If you haven’t picked up your Charlotte Woodturners logo shirt, please bring $20 for each shirt you ordered and pick it up at the next meeting.

Come and join us for a great meeting.

-  from Sharon Lochaby, Charlotte Woodturners

April 30, 2011

WWT Demonstration and Meeting MAY 3 @ 6:30 PM

Time seems to go faster and faster.......It's time to meet again at the Shop of Ed Pfau, 2125 Lancaster Ave., Monroe, NC

Our Demonstrator will be Ed Pfau . Come and see some really quality and creativity at work.

Location: Ed Pfau, 2125 Lancaster Ave., Monroe, NC

And Ed informs me that he will demo making a Pierced Top for a wood box. That is something that most any of us should be able to do. We can all benefit from this skill set.

Thanks Ed for doing the Demo.
Then don't forget to bring something you have made, or
something you want to donate for the famous Raffle.
It is always fun to see what shows up.

Come and bring a friend that you want to impress!

More info? Call John Skinner at 704-242-3155
or 704-882-1560

More Good News:  We have again received an Educational Opportunity Grant from the American Association of Woodturners in an award of $1000 for the purchase of a full size lathe.  The Club Shop will be able to accommodate kids that want to be able to turn bowls and such larger than the mini-lathes can handle. We applied for it in January and have just received the check this Thursday.

If anyone has some wisdom for a good lathe at a decent price please pass this information on the John Skinner or Moe Gingerich. Let's discuss this at our Meeting on May 3. All ideas are appreciated.

David Jenkins, Grad 2010
WSW-Peach Vase and Cherry Burl Pen

April 22, 2011

Waxhaw School of Woodturning- New Grads

Maggie Bastian, Richard Bastian, and Samuel McGarvey have successfully completed the American Association of Woodturners Youth Turning Course as of April 15, 2011.  They started by first turning a Honey Dipper and  Spin Top in an introductory session. The next four classes were comprised of making a Goblet, A Lidded Box, a Weed Pot (Bud Vase), and lastly an Open Bowl. Each one of the students were able to do almost all of the work by themselves with only minor assistance and guidance from their instructor.  They exhibited proper safety procedures, and learning the proper use of each of the major woodturning tools used by most woodturners today.

The student must use a blank piece of wood requiring proper turning between centers, chucking, beading, hollowing, shaping, sanding, finishing,  and cut off. Mandatory use of safety procedures and equipment is stressed throughout each class. Each completed object is signed and dated for posterity.

Samuel McGarvey with AAW Youth
Turners Completion Certificate 4/15/11
Upon completion of the Five Week Course each student qualifies for a Full One Year Membership to the American Association of Woodtrrners with subscription to the America Woodturner Journal for one year. More information is available on the AAW Website at   This gives each student the inspiration to continue their development and artistic expression in the art of woodturning which ends up with a life long skills to be utilised for many situations.. There is no substitute for the hands-on experience of producing quality objects next to a professional turner.  The kids come away with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Congratulation Kids, you done very GOOD!

Richard and Maggie Bastian receiving AAW Youth
Turner Completion Certificate on 4/15/11
showing their Cherry and Spalted Maple Bowls

March 26, 2011

April 5, 2011 Demo: New Dimensions and Ideas-The Mohedron unveiled

March 5 2011 Club Meeting and Demonstrations by Moe Gingerich

View 1 - Mohedron

View 2 - Mohedron

A few different Dimensions and Ideas may stretch our way of looking at a piece of wood.  Take a cube, rotate it to opposite corners and they call this Cube Bias, however they use the entire cube turning it from top to bottom forming a gentle curve for the outside of the bowl. With the holowing completed it forms three points from thecube points which makes three scalloped edges.  One of these is seen at Woodnet Forums

It has a nice look, but is not the interesting that was shown at our Demonstration on Tuesday evening at the Waxhaw Woodturners Club.   The difference is the keep the facets of the cube.

First, when setting it between centers, cut more off the opposite corners to allow a tenon large enough to set into a chuck. Then find the middle and part for two pieces. This produces two bowl, but do not cut away the facets from original cube. It's a must for a faceted bowl. Hollow gently but leave the sides quite heavy making a nice looking massive end product. One can also sand (or use a hand plane) to make three new facets on the outside three sharp edges.


We have about 25-30 bowls turned already and will be accepting more until April 5.  Please consider to make a couple more and bring them along. We then will forward them all to be auctioned by the American Association of Woodturners this Summer at the Convention. Yours may bring $500! Some bowls have already been sold!

WOODCRAFT'S "MAIN EVENT" Friday and Saturday, April 8 & 9. There are LIVE demonstrations by very good turners. PLUS the store is having 10% off everything* in the store,  and ALSO a PUNCHING BAG PROMO with 15% OFF Anything You Can Fit In The Bag!!* (Note: most power tools excluded). See the Woodcraft website published on this website under "LINKS" for all details.  Don't forget -if you need turning supplies and accessories, they have it!  The Woodcraft Store in Matthews have been a very great promoter for our club AND have given the WAXHAW WOODTURNERS CLUB  a free $25 Gift Certificate each month for years. This has helped so many of our members to be able to outfit our shops. Need Directions? Check MapQuest Here:

Shown here is the current Friday Class of Youth Turners working for their complimentary one year American Association of Woodturners membership and subscription to The America Woodturner Journal for one year. They learn all the basic tools, lathe nomenclature,  and all the ways to use the tools properly. If you have a youth in the family or neighbourhood that is interested in learning WoodTurning, have them contact us. It has helped many youth to get a solid start on a very worthwhile skill. Ladies welcome, they do an excellent job!

Richard Bastian, Maggie Bastian, and
Samuel McGarvey-Youth Turners

February 22, 2011

Southern Peidmont Woodturners: Feb 26 Workshop Invitation


SPW members,

This quarters monthly workshop is the Ornamental Rose Engine with Roland Hege, on February 26th.
It will start around 9:00 – 9:30 am till sometime in the afternoon. It will be held at Mark’s shop.
There will be at least 4, maybe 5 Ornamental Rose engines in use and for trying your hand at it.

Ornamental Rose Engine: Rambling Rose by Hege
For more information and directions call:

Marks address is: 577 Dale Earnhardt BlvdKannapolis, NC 28081-1301

(704) 938-8208

Note: This is an invite to all the Waxhaw Woodturners and Friends to this Workshop. Roland Hege is a member of our WWT Club and you will not be disappointed to see this Demonstration- I guarantee it.  Do not miss it unless you are sick or out of town!

Roland Hege and Fred Connell designed and built this remarkable Ornamental Rose Engine lathe. These designs come from many many years ago and they were only owned by Royalty or other very wealthy peoples. It can make many very intricate turnings which will amaze you totally.

Posted at the Request of Vern Cochayne by Moses

An early Holtzapffel Ornamental Rose Engine Lathe

February 5, 2011

March 5, 2011 AAW Hungry Bowl Turning Workshop

No regular meeting. We will have a workshop Mar. 5th 10-4 pm Turning Bowls for AAW HungryBowls . I will collect bowls and send to AAW and they will auction off for funds for hungry. Any one can make bowls before this event for AAW.

I am asking for commitment from members to bring a mini lathe and 2 blanks. We need at least 5 lathes.

And do they want lunch catered? Contact me at 704-242-3155. We need commitments.

Thank you,

John Skinner, President

Waxhaw Woodturners Club

Need More Information?CLICK HERE AAW Open Bowl Project

Student Joesph Carter-Natural Edge Bowl

Student Andrew Wuerffel- Cherry Bowl

January 31, 2011

Charlotte Woodturners Meeting & Demo -Thurs. Feb. 17 @ 6:30p.m.

To: Charlotte Woodturners & Friends:

Our upcoming Charlotte Woodturners meeting will be held on Thursday, February 17, 6:30 p.m.   Come early between 6 – 6:30 to meet and greet members and guests.

John Benton will demonstrate how to cut up a burl and how to turn it. He will also turn a burl thin, then microwave dry it,  showing how to create movement by rapid drying.  Then he will discuss sculpture forms and how to incorporate surface design into the piece.  The attached pictures are just a sample of some of John’s beautifully turned burl pieces.  For additional information, check out  John’s web site.

Enter the raffle and have a chance to win a turning by John,  who is also our  “Turner of the Month” for February! If you have an item (wood, tool, glue, etc.) to bring for the raffle table please do so. We are always looking for items and it helps in raising funds for our demonstrators for the future.

Bring one or more of your recent turnings for the show ‘n tell portion of the program. For each item (up to three) you bring for the show ‘n tell or the raffle, you’ll earn an opportunity to win the year-end raffle prize given away in December.

Good news! Although you should still dress warm for a cool evening, some patio style heating has been added at JPM.  Come enjoy an evening of good turning and warm fellowship with fellow turners.

Meeting location: 4001 Sentry Post Road, Charlotte, NC

Freedom Flight

January 30, 2011

February 1, 2011 Marblizing Demonstration and Club Meeting 6:30 pm

Vern Cockayne, Demostrator
and Member -Waxhaw Woodturners
This sent by Vern Cockayne on the Demo for Tuesday Evening February 1.
I want to show people the basic steps in marblizing wood. Its a process of
floating paints on a size, making designs in the paint and then immersing
your turned wood object into this mess. It will pick up the design you made
in the floating paints. Marblizing is not something new, Its been around for
hundreds of years. It was first used to color fabric and paper.
I will show how to color wooden eggs that I turn.

The first part of the demo will be showing how I turn wooden eggs with a jig
and templates that I make.

I'll have handouts for all of the above.

-Vern Cockayne

Ths sounds very interesting and creative. Looking forward to seeing it, except this member happens to be in Florida. Sure hope I can see the video.....! I have seen this done with fabrics and it is very interesting. All kinds of designs are possible with lots of flair added. The hand dyed fabric seels for lots of money. So maybe someone can take up this method and bring it to it's next level and make lots of sales with it. Wouldn't that be neat.

Be there before 6:30 pm if possible. A very short Club meeting followed by the Dem, and then our famous Raffle with $25 Gift Certificate from The Woodcraft Store in Matthews.

Need some more info? Call President John Skinner at 704--882-1650. Driving directions on the next page:  Contact/Directions

January 27, 2011

Demonstrations Ahead for 2011

The Waxhaw Woodturning Club has a set schedule for the First Tuesday of each Month in 2011 and it is always at the McKeithan Shop unless otherwise indicated. Directions on the following page under Contact/Directions. Check back for more details as each date gets closer:

February 1  Woodturning Demonstration, Vern Cockayne   - Marblizing of Turned Objects

March 1  Woodturning Demonstration

April  5  Woodturning Demonstration: Creative Turning Ideas -Moe Gingerich

May 3   Woodturning Demonstration

June 7  Woodturning Demonstration

July 5  Woodturning Demonstration

August 2 Woodturning Demonstration

Sept 6  Woodturning Demonstration

Oct 4  Woodturning Demonstration

Nov 1  Woodturning Demonstration

December ...Christmas Party, to be announced