September 21, 2010

October 5, 2010 Demo on Coring Systems Pfau and Rinehart 6:30 pm

Are you considering a coring system to make multiple bowls from the same blank? This Demonstration illustrated the use and features of two popular coring systems, the Kelton-McNaughton and the OneWay EasyCore. Tips and the skills needed to successfully make multiple bowls were provided to help the attendees determine which system is right for them.

Tim Rinehart and Ed Pfau  collaborated in a demo of each tool and their proper application. The meeting was at Ed Pfau's home shop on October 5, 2010 6:30 pm.

Easy Core System

The McNaughton Centre-Saving System
Tim Rinehart and Ed Pfau  demonstrated and discussed their respective systems. Lots of questions and a number of cored bowls later the winner of the EASY  to Operate category was the OneWay . However the Least Expensive came out to be the McNaughten System. Ed's McNaughten set up was also quite easy as he accomplished it without a handle on his curved cutting knife. With just a bit of experience it still worked really nice.

Tim displayed a set of nested cored bowls from a burl that were just splendid. They both cored the bowls heavier than the final desired thickness, but then mounted and cut them to the design they wanted  making each of the systems quite desirable.

Nice Job guys! Thanks!

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