July 8, 2010

Natural Edge Bowl and Color Enhancements-Dwight Hartsell

Dwight Hartsell positioning 
the butterfly -one side at a time.
Demonstration: May 4 2010 by Dwight Hartsell.

This is Dwight's third demonstration to our club. He did a beautiful job again. See a few photos of the Demo and a few of his creations.

The most striking is the Butterfly reproduction on a vase. Not only is it pretty, but it is striking in it's faithful color matching.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

-submitted by Moe Gingerich

Ready for drying

Careful positioning makes growth rings balanced in the bowl

Mr. Dwight Harstsell demo’d this natural edge bowl.

A dried and finished bowl.

Burning and careful color enhancements perfect this natural edge bowl

Interesting treament of a burl by Hartsell

Several of Dewight Hartsell’s creatons

Note the clamps on top and bottom of a drying vase – it prevents checking.

Flat paperand a curved vase – trace one side then the other

Burn the lines with a thin stylus, Control heat as needed.

Acurate burning is a must for a realistic result.

Lots of eager watchers

Primscolor has hundreds of colors
-match them very carefully to nature.

Trace the outlines onto the wood via a “carbon type” paper

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