June 30, 2010

July 2010 Demonstration and Meeting Announcement

Our fearless leader has announced plans for a different July! We are NOT having our regular First Tuesday meeting, but a WORKSHOP on the 24th.

We have HAT Seminar/Workshop Scheduled for July 24, 2010 at Mr. Ed Pfau's shop. If you haven't seen his shop you need to come to this Workshop. We are setting up for lunch to be served..-- IF you send in your notice of intention to attend.

Please send President John Skinner you reservation. Perhaps Joan will again arrange lunch to be delivered to us. This Saturday Workshop will be real fun and informative. Starting at 10:00 am and breaking for lunch then an early afternoon dismissal. More details to follow in a personal email to all members and attenders.  Cost?..not sure but if it is like other workshops there should be no charge except for the lunch and that has always been quite reasonable.

DON'T miss this. You can make yourself a nice Cowboy hat, or a Derby, or a ....whatever you prefer. Get inspired, come to Waxhaw Woodturners Hat Seminar and get away from yard work, car repair, or other Honey Do jobs. Guaranteed to relieve you of the Summertime Blues.

If you have questions call John Skinner 704-242-3155, or 704-882-1650.  Sir John has all the answers!

See you there!