April 27, 2010

May 4, 2010 Dwight Hartsel Demonstrates



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TUESDAY 6:30 pm

We welcomed Mr. Hartsell back to our club. He was the very first demonstrator from outside the WWT Club back 5 years ago. Now we have lots more members, lots more experience, and we will have an even better time. Last time Mr. Harstsell showed us Christmas Tree ornaments, along with lots of basic instructions.

This time Dwight  showed Bowl Turning 101 followed by Woodburning, Enhancements, and more ideas just for you.  He is an experienced Turner, Demonstrator, and has introduced woodturning to many many folks in South America by teaching and supplying lathes to folks that could not afford them.

First Dwight taught us the fine points of turning a Natural Edge Bowl. Careful attention to the orientation of the pith made it a balanced bowl.

Dwight showed us a delightful  Demo of  Transferring a butterfly to a previously hollowed vase, burning the outline, then coloring it in with Prismacolor pens, stabilizing it to prevent "bleeding" to adjacent colors.

Here is a url for Photos of Dwight's Demo!

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