April 27, 2010

May 4, 2010 Dwight Hartsel Demonstrates



to the


TUESDAY 6:30 pm

We welcomed Mr. Hartsell back to our club. He was the very first demonstrator from outside the WWT Club back 5 years ago. Now we have lots more members, lots more experience, and we will have an even better time. Last time Mr. Harstsell showed us Christmas Tree ornaments, along with lots of basic instructions.

This time Dwight  showed Bowl Turning 101 followed by Woodburning, Enhancements, and more ideas just for you.  He is an experienced Turner, Demonstrator, and has introduced woodturning to many many folks in South America by teaching and supplying lathes to folks that could not afford them.

First Dwight taught us the fine points of turning a Natural Edge Bowl. Careful attention to the orientation of the pith made it a balanced bowl.

Dwight showed us a delightful  Demo of  Transferring a butterfly to a previously hollowed vase, burning the outline, then coloring it in with Prismacolor pens, stabilizing it to prevent "bleeding" to adjacent colors.

Here is a url for Photos of Dwight's Demo!

April 5, 2010

Charlotte Woodturning Club Invitation 4/17/10

Mark your calendar for Saturday,April 17 for a fun day with fellow woodturners.

The Charlotte Woodturners have invited us to Join them  in a Saturday Shindig on April 17, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.

This is billed as being your best excuse yet so far to avoid yard work!

Woodturning Know How    -----Learn To Turn!

Multiple Demonstrations of turning, finishing and more.Tools, tips, tricks, and techniques..."So That's how they do it."

Swap Meet.

Buy , sell, or trade. Your cast-offs are somebody else's must haves; somebody else's junk box is your treasure chest.

Cook Out

For lunch have a burger, a hot dog, and the usual go-with stuff (not free, but close enough). $5 ea.


Jackson Park Ministries Shop. 4001 Sentry Post Road, Charlotte

Off West Blvd (Hwy 160) on airport property

Minutes March Meeting and Demo

Demos Scheduled for Spring 2010

Currently we have more Demonstrations scheduled for you information.

April 6, 2010 Triple Demonstraions by Hege, McKeithan, and Skinner

May 4, 2010 Dwight Hartsell on Natural Edged Bowls and Burning

June 1, 2010 Tim Rinehart on Laser Guided Hollow Turning Device

For all the old timers in our Club, you will recall Dwight Hartsell being our very first Demonstrator in the Spring of 2005. He inspired us to make Christmas Tree ornaments,and other creative projects.  Mr. Hartsell has done lots of teaching to new turners in South America while supplying lathes to some very poor folks down there. Ask him about his experiences!

April 6, 2010 Demonstration Extravaganza

Demonstration and Meeting of the Waxhaw Woodturners is on our regular Schedule of the First Tuesday of  each Month at 6:30 pm.

Place: 7105 Steele Road, Waxhaw. Steele Road is halfway between Old Providence Road and Davis Road and intersects State Route 200. The very end of Steele Road is a gravel road/lane into the woods....ending at the shop of Dave and Joan McKeithan. Come and Bring a friend. The Coffee is hot Thanks to Joan) so come early and visit.

Three Demonstrators:
~Roland Hege will present - A Tooth Pick Holder (it's real neat)

~David McKeithan - Safety at the Lathe  ( a must to prevent injuries)

~President John Skinner - Various Tools and Devices (to make your turning

better and more enjoyable. The Right tool for the job at hand)

Our famous Raffle will again have a $25 Gift Certificate to the Woodcraft Store in Matthews; plus wood;  and other delights just for your pleasure. It's always fun. We have a real great group that loves to help and share ideas for any kind of WoodTurning project you could dream up. Come to be inspired.