January 12, 2010

Super Sharpening Workshop Feb 2, 2010

Form Ed Pfau comes this very appropriate Demo: "Roland Hege and I are going to be doing the Feb Demo .....it will be on sharpening tools. So gather up all the dull tools you have... or the one that you can not sharpen bring them to the meeting... we are going to put an edge on things".

Hey! That is just what some really need. There are various ways to get a keen edge on the gouges and scrapers we use a lot. Now how do some of the pros do it? This will surely give you the information and skills to be able to have that type of edge which is need for real clean cuts.

Bring them on, and make a few notes so you can remember the ideas. It will be quite useful and likely you will be using these for many many years.

The Demo will be followed by coffee, a Raffle,s and good friends. Join us for a nice evening on Tuesday 6:30 pm, 2/2/10

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