January 18, 2010

Elections 2010: Vote now for the Slate of Officers

The completed Slate of Officers for 2010 is as follows:

President: John Skinner

Vice-President: Bill Carley

Treasurer: David Powless

Do you approve of this slate of fine people?
Please email your YEA or NAY vote now to Ed Pfau.

Your vote is important. The Waxhaw Woodturning Club is vibrant and alive with all techniques and processes for woodturning. We are on the cutting edge of teaching others especially with the Woodturning School at our Club Shop. We just graduated several young men doing a great job, learning all parts of the lathe, tool nomenclature, applications, and design. The are learning to look critically layout, shape, and form of what they are working on. The profile, is it nice looking? Is it inviting and bringing in new ideas of something exciting.

So, VOTE NOW to keep out club going with new ideas and new demonstrations in the coming year.

January 12, 2010

DEMO/Minutes JAN 5,2010 INSIDE-OUT Turning by Ed Pfau

Meeting Called to order by Pres. Ed Pfau

Treasurer Moe Gingerich: Cash on hand and in bank=$680.12

Old Business: Discussion on the cost of Lexan for lathe protection at public demos

New Business:Band Saw blades for the club shop -specifications and availability at reaonsonable cost

Demonstration: Inside-Out Turning Design

Our Own Ed Pfau is at it again. Ed has shown us a real neat and useful design: He calls it Inside-Out Turing.

Simply, Mr. Ed takes 4 identical pieces perhaps 1 1/2" x 6 inches and glues them together with paper dividers to allow separation later. The first cut is a simple "Vee" in the center of the block setup  between centers.

The blocks are then separated, each piece is rotated 180 degrees and glued together permanently forming a nice diamond empty space located in the center length-wise. Now the most of the rest of the material is turned away creating a unique shape with the center space as a diamond leaving the "walls not very thick. This forms a neat design which can be used in myriad ways -perhaps incorporated into a bigger design.

The Demo was followed by our famous Raffle including a labelled turning smock in dark green, a $25 Gift Certificate courtesy of The Woodcraft Store, Matthews; and a nice maple bowl blank.  Thanks to the 17 in attendance we had a great time of visiting and coffee along with a beautiful shop: Thanks to Joan and Dave McKeithan for their gracious hospitality as always. We also had visitor Mike Wooten from Monroe. Welcome!

Photos of the Demo can be seen at


Include  are several photos of 2 of the current students  (JustinVoskil and Joseph Carter) at the Woodturning School with their items. Very Nice work students.

See you in February.

January 2010 Demo: INSIDE OUT ! by Ed Pfau

Super Sharpening Workshop Feb 2, 2010

Form Ed Pfau comes this very appropriate Demo: "Roland Hege and I are going to be doing the Feb Demo .....it will be on sharpening tools. So gather up all the dull tools you have... or the one that you can not sharpen bring them to the meeting... we are going to put an edge on things".

Hey! That is just what some really need. There are various ways to get a keen edge on the gouges and scrapers we use a lot. Now how do some of the pros do it? This will surely give you the information and skills to be able to have that type of edge which is need for real clean cuts.

Bring them on, and make a few notes so you can remember the ideas. It will be quite useful and likely you will be using these for many many years.

The Demo will be followed by coffee, a Raffle,s and good friends. Join us for a nice evening on Tuesday 6:30 pm, 2/2/10