December 28, 2010

New Year! 2011- Jan. 4 Demonstration by Jack Reyome

Goblets w/ Spiral Stems by Jack Reyome
Jack Reyome has demonstrated the technique of Spiral Designs on various wood turned projects. Jack comes to us again with lots of expertise and experience. He always has some new ideas which will inspire you to more unique designs on your lathe.

Beautiful job on this Demo!

John Skinner, Club President has installed  our new Club Secretary for the 2011. Joan McKeithan will be assisting the WWT CLub and we welcome her to this valuable position. It will be a great help to all of us.

Other Announcements: April 16 & 17: Waxhaw Springfest

Jack Reyome explaining the art
of the Spiral cut on a platter

UPDATE: The Hat was won by Kathy Birala from Waxhaw NC.

Hat presented to Kathy Birala by Moe Gingerich

November 19, 2010

CWT & SP WOODTURNERS-Workshop/Picnic 11/20/2010


Please join the Charlotte Woodturners, Southern Piedmont Woodturners and the Waxhaw Woodturners on Saturday, November 20, 2010 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm for a joint meeting, demonstration and workshops. We will meet at Jackson Park Ministries shop, 4001 Sentry Post Road, near Charlotte-Douglas Airport.

Earl Kennedy will be our featured demonstrator, showing how to turn a lidded square pedestal box. Earl has a long list of credentials as a woodturner and demonstrator. Joining Earl is Linda Michael. Linda has added artwork to Earl's turnings with pyrography (woodburning) and will demonstrate this craft in the afternoon session. See attached flyer for more information.

The following activities are scheduled:
9:30-10:00   Introduction and welcome, including a special presentation to the Tim Roberts family of turned pieces from their lost orchard. Our members went to the orchard, harvested wood and turned pieces for the family as keepsakes.
10:00-12:00  Demonstration by Earl Kennedy,  "Square lidded bowl on a pedestal"
12:00-1:00    Lunch                 Hamburgers, hot-dogs, slaw, chips, desert and drinks will be provided. There is a cost of $5 for lunch.
1:00-1:30      Show and Tell    Bring a turned piece for all to see.
1:30-4:00   Swap meet and workshops  Bring any items you wish to swap or sell.
A workshop will be held on woodturning with Earl Kennedy. Earl will work on tool technique and the methods he uses to make the lidded bowls. People are welcome to act as spectators or try your hand at turning. 10-12 lathes will be available for hands-on turning.  Earl will have blanks for sale or you can bring your own blanks. If you plan to participate, please bring your own tools and safety equipment.  Tools and safety equipment will be available for those who are new to turning.
Linda will demonstrate image transfer and woodburning. Again, if you want hands-on practice, please bring your own woodburning equipment.

Raffles There will be three raffles. Southern Piedmont will offer an opportunity to enter a raffle to win a Steel City variable speed 10” lathe with Nova chuck and 8 HSS tools (drawing to be held at SPW’s February monthly meeting).  Waxhaw turners are raffling a beautiful wooden hat turned by Jerry Measimer.  The Charlotte Woodturners regular raffle will feature a piece donated by the "turner of the month", Dave Randles . All of these raffles are an opportunity to join the fun and win great prizes at a small price.

Come and have a good time, eat, and work with fellow woodturners. Please direct any questions to Bob Coleman at or Sharon Lochaby at

For directions and more information, please visit our website at

October 31, 2010

Woodturners Club Meetin' Nov 2, 2010 6:30pm

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Vote First -

Then come to the Woodturners Demonstration on CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS by Roland Hege.

Just In Time for the Holidays. Some easy to make Ornaments for gifts and the Christmas Tree.

Tuesday Nov2, 20101 at 6:30 PM

Raffle to follow -get a $25 Gift Certificate from the Woodcraft Store..
...or some interesting wood
...or maybe some tool you have been wanting -who knows what-

Great ideas and for the ornaments for young and old to make

Coffee provided by our Hostess, Joan McKeithan-always on     the spot

CU There

submitted by Moses Gingerich

more info? Call President John Skinner  - 704-242-3155,f  or 704-882-1650

or go to

October 18, 2010


Subject: Turn for the Troops at Woodcraft on November 6, 2010

Waxhaw Woodturners-John Skinner

Southern Piedmont Woodturners-Jack Reyome

Charlotte Woodturners-Bob Coleman

Again this year Woodcraft will be participating in the national “Turning for Troops” event.Technically this goes on all year but is highlighted near Veterans Day each year.Woodcraft invites you to come to our store on Saturday, November 6th to turn pens for the troops.

We have six lathes in the classroom, but you are welcome to bring additional lathes if you would like.If turners would like to participate but cannot attend on that Saturday they can bring finished pens to our store.We will forward all pens to the approved “Turning for Troops” collection point. The troops always appreciate personal notes if you would like to include one with your turned pen.

Robin Russell, Woodcraft of Charlotte

October 14, 2010

Christmas Party-6:30.... Dec. 3, 2010

Christmas Party Time for 2010 on December 3 at 6:30 pm.

Please come, perhaps bring a few finger foods to share with other Woodturners, their spouses, and/or significant other,  plus the Students of the Waxhaw School of Woodturning.

The  Students have been asked to bring some of their nice work in 2010 to display for all to see and admire. They continue to utilize the WWT Club Shop making some real nifty and beautiful pieces of which their parents are quite proud...!

This will be at the home of Moe and Edna Gingerich where you will also be able to see the WWT Club Shop.Click on the address to see a map and directions:

5813 Stonebridge Lane,  Waxhaw

6:30 PM until....come and have a great Holiday Festivity with all of the Woodturners. Just a few finger foods and drinks, but lots of good people.

So set  this for Friday Evening DEC. 3 at 6:30 pm,  Don't forget!

Merry Christmas to all. We pray all will have a good Holiday Season and the bells will ring for you.

Questions? call 704-843-4455

September 21, 2010

October 5, 2010 Demo on Coring Systems Pfau and Rinehart 6:30 pm

Are you considering a coring system to make multiple bowls from the same blank? This Demonstration illustrated the use and features of two popular coring systems, the Kelton-McNaughton and the OneWay EasyCore. Tips and the skills needed to successfully make multiple bowls were provided to help the attendees determine which system is right for them.

Tim Rinehart and Ed Pfau  collaborated in a demo of each tool and their proper application. The meeting was at Ed Pfau's home shop on October 5, 2010 6:30 pm.

Easy Core System

The McNaughton Centre-Saving System
Tim Rinehart and Ed Pfau  demonstrated and discussed their respective systems. Lots of questions and a number of cored bowls later the winner of the EASY  to Operate category was the OneWay . However the Least Expensive came out to be the McNaughten System. Ed's McNaughten set up was also quite easy as he accomplished it without a handle on his curved cutting knife. With just a bit of experience it still worked really nice.

Tim displayed a set of nested cored bowls from a burl that were just splendid. They both cored the bowls heavier than the final desired thickness, but then mounted and cut them to the design they wanted  making each of the systems quite desirable.

Nice Job guys! Thanks!

Fall Festival:Autumn Treasures in Waxhaw

Autumn Treasures Festival? Well, It's over again and we had a very good reception. Donations were as strong($306) as ever and lots of folks stopped by to watch. Some sales were made and the people had good comments. A number of tickets we sold for the Hat Raffle. John Skinner  has more information on the stats .

Thanks to all who helped set up, turn, visit, and tear down. Every person's assistance is very much appreciated.  Thank You!



August 25, 2010

September 7, 2010 Demo Captive Ring(s) by Hege

Roland Hege did a captive ring Demo. after a brief introductory meeting starting at 6:30 pm.  He showed with skill how to make a double ring goblet and showed how to interlock the ring. He had several cutters shaped to the exact half-circle desired. Carefully the ring is formed and sanded to final shape and then cutoff. Rubber bands hold them out of the way for the next ring.

Then make sure you coat with a sanding sealer or the like. When the rings are interlocked and glued there is no evidence since the sanding sealer prevents glue from adhering to the surface.

These are favorites for gifts to young married couples, or families with several children. Multiple rings represent each family member and interlocking presents a tight knit family. Make a few of these for your next Wedding Gift!

Double Captive Ring: Roland Hege
Thank You, Mr. Roland for another excellent Demo. We appreciate your time and effort as always. Now lets see the Rose Engine again!

Next Month: Uncle Ed and Tim Rinehart demonstrating, the two popular coring systems, the Kelton McNaughton and the OneWay EasyCore meeting at Ed Pfau's home shop on October 5, 2010 6:30 pm

Location:2201 Lancaster Hwy, Monroe, NC

July 28, 2010

August 2010 Demonstration: First Tuesday!

Our August 3, Demonstration will be by Ed Pfau on a Saturn Box.

Now I assume you have no clue what a Saturn Box is. Well, you will like what Uncle Ed will demonstrate. It is unique and one of a kind. Saturn will come alive, not in the universe, but in the shop of Dave and Joan McKeithan on the First Tuesday next. Directions on the About/Directions page on this website.

Come and bring a friend. Raffle a $25 Gift Certificate from The Woodcraft Store in Matthews: tickets are only one buck. Of course you can but 25 of them and not lose a penny (very likely!).

More info? John Skinner   704-242-3155

July 8, 2010

Natural Edge Bowl and Color Enhancements-Dwight Hartsell

Dwight Hartsell positioning 
the butterfly -one side at a time.
Demonstration: May 4 2010 by Dwight Hartsell.

This is Dwight's third demonstration to our club. He did a beautiful job again. See a few photos of the Demo and a few of his creations.

The most striking is the Butterfly reproduction on a vase. Not only is it pretty, but it is striking in it's faithful color matching.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

-submitted by Moe Gingerich

Ready for drying

Careful positioning makes growth rings balanced in the bowl

Mr. Dwight Harstsell demo’d this natural edge bowl.

A dried and finished bowl.

Burning and careful color enhancements perfect this natural edge bowl

Interesting treament of a burl by Hartsell

Several of Dewight Hartsell’s creatons

Note the clamps on top and bottom of a drying vase – it prevents checking.

Flat paperand a curved vase – trace one side then the other

Burn the lines with a thin stylus, Control heat as needed.

Acurate burning is a must for a realistic result.

Lots of eager watchers

Primscolor has hundreds of colors
-match them very carefully to nature.

Trace the outlines onto the wood via a “carbon type” paper

July 5, 2010

Band Saw Ideas...

A friend sent me a link to a YouTube video on making your own bandsaw from wood. It is interesting and I thought some of you may like it also.
One doesn't need lots of money -just ingenuity!

June 30, 2010

July 2010 Demonstration and Meeting Announcement

Our fearless leader has announced plans for a different July! We are NOT having our regular First Tuesday meeting, but a WORKSHOP on the 24th.

We have HAT Seminar/Workshop Scheduled for July 24, 2010 at Mr. Ed Pfau's shop. If you haven't seen his shop you need to come to this Workshop. We are setting up for lunch to be served..-- IF you send in your notice of intention to attend.

Please send President John Skinner you reservation. Perhaps Joan will again arrange lunch to be delivered to us. This Saturday Workshop will be real fun and informative. Starting at 10:00 am and breaking for lunch then an early afternoon dismissal. More details to follow in a personal email to all members and attenders.  Cost?..not sure but if it is like other workshops there should be no charge except for the lunch and that has always been quite reasonable.

DON'T miss this. You can make yourself a nice Cowboy hat, or a Derby, or a ....whatever you prefer. Get inspired, come to Waxhaw Woodturners Hat Seminar and get away from yard work, car repair, or other Honey Do jobs. Guaranteed to relieve you of the Summertime Blues.

If you have questions call John Skinner 704-242-3155, or 704-882-1650.  Sir John has all the answers!

See you there!

May 21, 2010

June 1, 2010 Demo: Laser Guided Hollowing

Waxhaw Woodturners welcomes Tim Rinehart

"Hollowing and the Use of Laser Guidance"

The evening will include a discussion of some of the various options available for hollowing, both with and without the use of a laser or other guidance, along with approaches to constructing a hollowing rig, sources for material, and resources for purchase of entire systems.

Tim's interest in hollowing began about 6 months after he started turning by building his own rig on the Jamieson style. He will demonstrate using his system of laser guidance, and will provide tips on selecting or building a system of your own.

Our evening opens with a short Business Meeting at 6:30 PM followed by the Presentation by Tim Rinehart and then our famous Raffle. Come ready to win a $25 Gift Certificate compliments of  The Woodcraft Store in Matthews NC.  Other items also are presented for your interest.

Bring a friend . Coffee provided by Joan McKeithan and facilities compliments of Dave and Joan McKeithan, 4907 Steele Road, Waxhaw NC.

Questions?   704-242-3155 or 882-1650 John Skinner, President WWT

Directions: Check under Contact/Directions page above.

April 27, 2010

May 4, 2010 Dwight Hartsel Demonstrates



to the


TUESDAY 6:30 pm

We welcomed Mr. Hartsell back to our club. He was the very first demonstrator from outside the WWT Club back 5 years ago. Now we have lots more members, lots more experience, and we will have an even better time. Last time Mr. Harstsell showed us Christmas Tree ornaments, along with lots of basic instructions.

This time Dwight  showed Bowl Turning 101 followed by Woodburning, Enhancements, and more ideas just for you.  He is an experienced Turner, Demonstrator, and has introduced woodturning to many many folks in South America by teaching and supplying lathes to folks that could not afford them.

First Dwight taught us the fine points of turning a Natural Edge Bowl. Careful attention to the orientation of the pith made it a balanced bowl.

Dwight showed us a delightful  Demo of  Transferring a butterfly to a previously hollowed vase, burning the outline, then coloring it in with Prismacolor pens, stabilizing it to prevent "bleeding" to adjacent colors.

Here is a url for Photos of Dwight's Demo!

April 5, 2010

Charlotte Woodturning Club Invitation 4/17/10

Mark your calendar for Saturday,April 17 for a fun day with fellow woodturners.

The Charlotte Woodturners have invited us to Join them  in a Saturday Shindig on April 17, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.

This is billed as being your best excuse yet so far to avoid yard work!

Woodturning Know How    -----Learn To Turn!

Multiple Demonstrations of turning, finishing and more.Tools, tips, tricks, and techniques..."So That's how they do it."

Swap Meet.

Buy , sell, or trade. Your cast-offs are somebody else's must haves; somebody else's junk box is your treasure chest.

Cook Out

For lunch have a burger, a hot dog, and the usual go-with stuff (not free, but close enough). $5 ea.


Jackson Park Ministries Shop. 4001 Sentry Post Road, Charlotte

Off West Blvd (Hwy 160) on airport property

Minutes March Meeting and Demo

Demos Scheduled for Spring 2010

Currently we have more Demonstrations scheduled for you information.

April 6, 2010 Triple Demonstraions by Hege, McKeithan, and Skinner

May 4, 2010 Dwight Hartsell on Natural Edged Bowls and Burning

June 1, 2010 Tim Rinehart on Laser Guided Hollow Turning Device

For all the old timers in our Club, you will recall Dwight Hartsell being our very first Demonstrator in the Spring of 2005. He inspired us to make Christmas Tree ornaments,and other creative projects.  Mr. Hartsell has done lots of teaching to new turners in South America while supplying lathes to some very poor folks down there. Ask him about his experiences!

April 6, 2010 Demonstration Extravaganza

Demonstration and Meeting of the Waxhaw Woodturners is on our regular Schedule of the First Tuesday of  each Month at 6:30 pm.

Place: 7105 Steele Road, Waxhaw. Steele Road is halfway between Old Providence Road and Davis Road and intersects State Route 200. The very end of Steele Road is a gravel road/lane into the woods....ending at the shop of Dave and Joan McKeithan. Come and Bring a friend. The Coffee is hot Thanks to Joan) so come early and visit.

Three Demonstrators:
~Roland Hege will present - A Tooth Pick Holder (it's real neat)

~David McKeithan - Safety at the Lathe  ( a must to prevent injuries)

~President John Skinner - Various Tools and Devices (to make your turning

better and more enjoyable. The Right tool for the job at hand)

Our famous Raffle will again have a $25 Gift Certificate to the Woodcraft Store in Matthews; plus wood;  and other delights just for your pleasure. It's always fun. We have a real great group that loves to help and share ideas for any kind of WoodTurning project you could dream up. Come to be inspired.

January 18, 2010

Elections 2010: Vote now for the Slate of Officers

The completed Slate of Officers for 2010 is as follows:

President: John Skinner

Vice-President: Bill Carley

Treasurer: David Powless

Do you approve of this slate of fine people?
Please email your YEA or NAY vote now to Ed Pfau.

Your vote is important. The Waxhaw Woodturning Club is vibrant and alive with all techniques and processes for woodturning. We are on the cutting edge of teaching others especially with the Woodturning School at our Club Shop. We just graduated several young men doing a great job, learning all parts of the lathe, tool nomenclature, applications, and design. The are learning to look critically layout, shape, and form of what they are working on. The profile, is it nice looking? Is it inviting and bringing in new ideas of something exciting.

So, VOTE NOW to keep out club going with new ideas and new demonstrations in the coming year.

January 12, 2010

DEMO/Minutes JAN 5,2010 INSIDE-OUT Turning by Ed Pfau

Meeting Called to order by Pres. Ed Pfau

Treasurer Moe Gingerich: Cash on hand and in bank=$680.12

Old Business: Discussion on the cost of Lexan for lathe protection at public demos

New Business:Band Saw blades for the club shop -specifications and availability at reaonsonable cost

Demonstration: Inside-Out Turning Design

Our Own Ed Pfau is at it again. Ed has shown us a real neat and useful design: He calls it Inside-Out Turing.

Simply, Mr. Ed takes 4 identical pieces perhaps 1 1/2" x 6 inches and glues them together with paper dividers to allow separation later. The first cut is a simple "Vee" in the center of the block setup  between centers.

The blocks are then separated, each piece is rotated 180 degrees and glued together permanently forming a nice diamond empty space located in the center length-wise. Now the most of the rest of the material is turned away creating a unique shape with the center space as a diamond leaving the "walls not very thick. This forms a neat design which can be used in myriad ways -perhaps incorporated into a bigger design.

The Demo was followed by our famous Raffle including a labelled turning smock in dark green, a $25 Gift Certificate courtesy of The Woodcraft Store, Matthews; and a nice maple bowl blank.  Thanks to the 17 in attendance we had a great time of visiting and coffee along with a beautiful shop: Thanks to Joan and Dave McKeithan for their gracious hospitality as always. We also had visitor Mike Wooten from Monroe. Welcome!

Photos of the Demo can be seen at

Include  are several photos of 2 of the current students  (JustinVoskil and Joseph Carter) at the Woodturning School with their items. Very Nice work students.

See you in February.

January 2010 Demo: INSIDE OUT ! by Ed Pfau

Super Sharpening Workshop Feb 2, 2010

Form Ed Pfau comes this very appropriate Demo: "Roland Hege and I are going to be doing the Feb Demo will be on sharpening tools. So gather up all the dull tools you have... or the one that you can not sharpen bring them to the meeting... we are going to put an edge on things".

Hey! That is just what some really need. There are various ways to get a keen edge on the gouges and scrapers we use a lot. Now how do some of the pros do it? This will surely give you the information and skills to be able to have that type of edge which is need for real clean cuts.

Bring them on, and make a few notes so you can remember the ideas. It will be quite useful and likely you will be using these for many many years.

The Demo will be followed by coffee, a Raffle,s and good friends. Join us for a nice evening on Tuesday 6:30 pm, 2/2/10