November 18, 2009

CHRISTMAS PARTY Time Fri. Dec. 4 @6:00 PM

Party Time, Christmas Parties are already here! This year is has flown past it seems, so come Celebrate with us!

When: Friday December 4, 2009 at 6:pm.

Where: 5813 Stonebridge Lane. This is off Davis Road, which runs North off NC 200 about 1 miles west of Steele Road ( meeting place)  or See directions on our website for the WWT Club Shop. Need more help? Call Moe or Edna Gingerich at 704-843-4455

What: Party/ Open House- bring a few Christmas goodies to share with others. Drinks and coffee provided.
Who: All members, friends, and students of the Waxhaw Woodturners Club. Bring a friend. You’ll be able to visit the WWT Club Shop and see how it is set up. Come one, come all. Have a good time sharing all your stories of broken and ruined masterpieces.
Extra parking on the street, The neighbors are quite easy to get along with so just use your head. Again, if you have any questions call Moe or Edna at 704-843-4455

Mini-HAT WOKSHOP 12/5/2009

Roland Hege announced he has been able to get the principles together for the Mini Hat Workshop; It will be on Dec. 5 , 2009 So be prepared says Roland and he detailed the following:

"We will be bringing jam chucks for 1"-8 lathe spindle noses. Folks will have to bring lathes, chucks and bowl gouges. We will try to bring enough blanks. If people want to bring their own blanks, bring very green (wet, wet, wet) light colored wood. 9" diameter X about 5" long cut like bowl blanks. Also bring a portable lamp with a flexible neck."     -Roland Hege


So Please note, we need mini-Lathes. Got one? Bring it! We have 3 available in the Club Shop, but we need a number more in order to set up for all of us to be able to turn a mini hat in this Workshop. Get the scoop on some new techniques and methods by attending this seminar.

NO COST -then, the next details are probably about correct. Correction? CK here in a few days to get the complete updated scoop on the mini-hats!

WHERE? Dave and Joan McKeithan's Shop

Lunch Break, $5-7 details to follow  **Please reserve your lunch with Joan ASAP**

Closing time.... 2-30 - 3:00 PM. -just in time to see the Panthers play!