November 17, 2006

Meeting 21

Waxhaw Woodturners October 3, 2006 Minutes
Demo on Christmas Tree Ornaments
By Robin Russell
Pres. Dave called meeting to order, Treasurers report: $565.39 in bank account. There were 20 people in attendance including 7 most welcome visitors.
Our next event is the Autumn Treasurers Craft Show in Waxhaw on October 14 and 15. We need volunteers to assist in setup and demonstrations through out the day. Please let Dave know of your desire to be helping by calling or emailing him. 704-843-4607.
Next meeting: There is no demonstrator secured as of now for the November 7 meeting. We are asking for input on what kind of demo you desire. The Christmas Party will be on December 5, 2006 with a white elephant gift exchange. Keep your calendar open for this wonderful holiday celebration.

Robin Russell, one of our very own members and an employee of Woodcraft gave a great demo on Christmas Tree Ornaments. Snippets of his creations include
- a Snow Man painted with black dots for buttons,
- Icicles,
- a basic 1 inch square x5 inch piece -brass ended drilled at 7 mm. w/ formed piece and brass ferrule glued inside like a pen (or without),
- hollow forms with a small ball inside,
- balls hollowed (less weight for the Christmas Tree) and painted,
- Egg shaped pieces with circumnavigation lines and finials either simple or elaborate.
- Hollowing can be done with making a ball, parting it and then rough out 2 mini bowl and re-glue them matching grain, then finish finials and painting or clear finish as desired This makes for a very pretty objects. This makes for some very delightful objects.
- Another piece resembles an old carriage lamp: by taking a 2 1/2 inch square length of wood drilled with two 1 ¼” holes at -90 degree angles exactly in the center then turning it down to size carefully shaping -resembling an old carriage lamp. The perpendicular holes even allow a small tree turned tree to stand inside (even painted green if you like).

We had lots of fun with the Raffle tonight included a $25 gift certificate from Woodcraft, an ambrosia maple blank, a cherry bowl blank, and a $15 Craft Supply certificate.Adjourned 8:45 pm. Submitted by Moses Gingerich, Secy-Treasurer

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