August 4, 2006

Beginners Woodturning Class

The Waxhaw Woodturners is planning a class for Turning Basics on tool nomenclature, identification, proper use, and sharpening. It would very likely be held in a few weeks on a Saturday afternoon and be for approximately 2-3 hours. There will be no charge for Waxhaw Woodturners Members and a nominal charge for non-members.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this class contact club President David McKeithan at (704) 843-4907 or send an email to Secy-Treasurer Moses Gingerich. If you have a preference on which day it should be held your input is invited. Probably the class will be presented in August.

Meeting 17

Demonstration on Goblets

Meeting called to order by VP Bill Carley. President Dave arrived later.

In attendance: Bill Carley, John Hutchinson, Art Wyse, Moe Gingerich, Dan Kurtz, Vernon Frank, Joan McKeithan, Dave McKeithan, and a number of Visitors: Neil Hasty, Melvin DeWalt, Brian Butterer, Mitchell Wyse, Mary Ann and Terry Gaddy, Jason Hopkins, Josh Burch, Ed Pfau, Ed Lysak.

Cash in bank: $362.86; cash on hand: $84.00.

Moe announced that the 14 inch band saw is completed and in operation at the Waxhaw Woodturners Club Shop thanks to the Charlotte Woodturners for donating it to us!

Roland Hege Demonstrator showed the fine art of producing a beautiful and unique Goblet. He makes many of his own tools which are custom to his liking, several being quite uniquely shaped scrapers. Mr. Hege demonstrated a new tool invented by Brian Dutterer which has just been patented and produced with Mr. Hege. It makes a uniform wall thickness to bowls and goblets adjusted at will. Brian had a number for sale. A photo will be loaded on our Web Site at when it becomes available. The tool worked very nice and will be a good addition to any Woodturners’ tool bag.
Roland often makes his goblets with several captive rings on the stem. His demo included an easy to understand and practical explanation for these. They are sanded and even he even had them interlocking and captive. The entire process was quite speedy and completed it quickly.

We are planning a Saturday Beginners Turning Basics Class soon and will be announced on the web site and emailed to our own email list.

Minutes submitted by Secy- Treasurer, Moses Gingerich.
See you next Month: Demo on Salt and Pepper Mill.