April 23, 2006

Meeting 13

Waxhaw Woodturners Monthly Meeting
Minutes April 4, 2006

Club Shop

Meeting at the Club Shop- 5813 Stonebridge Lane

Dave McKeithan, President

Dave Powles

Moe Gingerich, Secy-Treas.

Bill Carley

Vernon Frank

Meeting called to order by President Dave.

Treasurer Report:
Cash on hand and in the bank $ 78.98.
Money from mini raffle $45.
Dues paid by Dave Powles $20.

Total on hand at end of meeting $143.98

Our President Dave gave us another demo on sharpening tools, the basics are very important and he presented it very carefully and completely. We need to be very careful when we sharpen our tools and not over-do it with too much pressure. Careful observe the angles needed to sharpen an existing tool so it only needs a little "touching up" and barely any grinding. Dave gave us several diagrams to follow on different kinds of tools, giving the proper angles as accepted by most turners.

May brings us to our annual dues for membership. Please come ready to pay your dues, and if you are unable to attend, make arrangements to forward to the Treasurer.

Dave M. suggested that we design a logo for our club, perhaps using a theme of the Waxhaw Indians. Anyone wishing to make some drawings, a complete Logo, or do some research on the basic ingredients for such a design. Submit by next meeting or forward them the President Dave.

Next meeting we expect to have a demonstration on Lidded Boxes by Steve Richie. Please mark your calendar for a very good demo and valuable ideas for making boxes.

A good meeting: look what you missed!

Moe Gingerich, Secy-Treas.