March 18, 2006

Meeting 12

Waxhaw Woodturners
Minutes for March 7, 2006 Meeting

Attendees: Daniel Brinneman, Bill Carley, Vernon Frank, John Hutchinson, Dave McKeithan, Joan McKeithan, Woody McLendon, Brian Parlier, Dave Powles, Steve Richie, Art Wyse.

We had a very good turnout for this meeting with 11 people attending.

The business meeting was started at 6:40. Our account balance was reported as $44.98 at the February meeting. We took in $24 from the raffle last month, giving us a current balance of $68.98.

The main business topic was the Waxhaw spring craft show on the Memorial Day Weekend. We are proceeding to sign up for a booth there. So far, we have 5 people signed up to man the booth, but we need a few more to give these guys relief, so please consider helping out. Contact Bill or myself if you can. Members should also be able to sell some of their work there and we are asking for 20% of sales to go to the club.

We held the mini raffle again and brought in $25 for the club. We raffled a $25 gift certificate to Woodcraft, and had an interesting assortment of bowl blanks brought by several members. Thanks to all for the contributions. All attendees received a 10% coupon for Woodcraft.

Our speaker for the night was Brian Parlier from the Charlotte club. The subject was working with green wood. We demonstrated cutting a rough log and methods for marking and rough shaping the blank round. Brian discussed the nature of green wood and how it moves. He gave recommendations on rough turning methods and thickness allowances. He discussed various ways to control the drying process of the rough turned blank. He also demonstrated various ways to re-true and re-chuck the blank once it has been dried. Brian brought several examples of bowls he had rough turned and dried and we proceeded to re-chuck one and finish turn it.

We also demonstrated the use of a vacuum chuck and Dave promised to post some information on the website on how to build one yourself.

This was a very informative demonstration and much thanks to Brian for coming out and sharing his experience with us.

Dave McKeithan
March 10,2006