February 8, 2006

Meeting 11

Minutes for February 7, 2006 Meeting

Attendees: Bill Carley, Franklin Dearmore, Vernon Frank, John Hutchinson, Dave McKeithan, Joan
McKeithan. Guest: Cliff Green

The business meeting was started at 6:40. Our account balance was reported as $142.18 at the January
meeting. Since then we have taken in $20 in dues and $29 from the raffle last month. We purchased the
tool sharpening system at a cost of $146.20. Thanks to Woodcraft for a 20% discount on the system.

Current balance is $44.98.

The Waxhaw spring craft show is Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28 (Memorial Day Weekend).
We discussed setting up a booth there and doing demos. We hope to raise money for the club by
offering our demo turnings for a small donation to the club. Members should also be able to sell some
of their work there and we are asking for 20% of sales to go to the club. We also hope to bring in some
new members with this exposure. We need volunteers to man the booth and do demos. Please let Bill or
I know if you are available to help.

The annual Woodworking Show in Charlotte is on February 17, 18 & 19 this year. The Charlotte club
will have a booth there and I have volunteered to help man the booth. Perhaps they will let us offer
brochures about our club as well.

We need an agenda item for the March meeting. We are looking for ideas from the members for what
you would like to see demonstrated. Please forward your suggestions to Bill or I.

We held the mini raffle again and brought in $24 for the club. We raffled a $25 gift certificate to
Woodcraft, a small router table, a spalted maple bowl blank and a couple of sets of pen blanks. All
attendees received a 10% coupon for Woodcraft.

Our agenda for the night was tool sharpening. We started by doing a review of the various types of
turning tools and the proper bevel angles for each tool. Dave then demonstrated how to set up the
Wolverine system to grind each kind of tool. All members present had an opportunity to try out the
system by sharpening tools they had brought or the club tools. I think all would agree that the system is
relatively easy to learn and provides consistent and sharp profiles with little effort.

Bill took the sharpening system with him and will drop it off at the shop one day this week. If you want
to use the system and did not attend, please take the time to read through the instructions and/or ask one
of the members that have been trained to show you how to use it.

Dave McKeithan
February 9,2006