January 4, 2006

Meeting 10

Minutes for January 3, 2006 Meeting

Attendees: Bill Carley, Franklin Dearmore, Vernon Frank, Dan Kurtz, Woody McLendon, Dave
McKeithan, Art Wyse, Jim Belina.

The meeting began at 6:30 and the first 30 minutes was devoted to club business. We began by
discussing the results of the officers meeting held on Dec. 20, 2005. During that meeting, officer's
duties were adopted and we decided we need an additional officer so that one person (Moe) isn't
required to do both the jobs of the Secretary and the Treasurer. A request was made for volunteers to
serve as an officer. It was also decided our meetings would start at 6:30 to permit hour for business and
two hours for the meeting program. Minutes for that meeting are posted on the website.

We discussed planning for our programs (demos) for the upcoming year. We plan to do a demo and
training on tool sharpening at the February meeting. Members were encouraged to submit ideas for
future demos. If you are interested in seeing something demonstrated, please send your ideas to Bill

Current balance in our account is $142.18. It was proposed that the next purchase be a sharpening
system. The members present agreed with this proposal and we will have the system set-up for the
February meeting.

We had our first raffle at the meeting. This was very successful as we collected $29. We raffled a $25
gift certificate from Woodcraft, a spalted maple bowl blank and a number of different types of pen
blanks. Thanks to all that contributed items.

We gave all in attendance 10% discounts coupons to Woodcraft. We should have these available at
future meetings as well.

Woody McLendon joined as a member at the meeting.

Jim Belina, an officer with the Charlotte Woodturners attended the meeting. He invited all members to
attend the Charlotte meetings. Guests are welcome; you do not need to be a member to attend. The
Charlotte club has a lot of experienced turners and I would encourage you to visit them as often as you
can. We agreed we would exchange meeting notices between the clubs. Our program began at 7:00.
Dave McKeithan did a demo on basic bowl turning. Topics covered were wood choices and
preparation, bowl mounting methods, tools for bowl turning and a review of the 6 laws of woodturning.
We proceeded to turn a bowl from a spalted maple blank. Several members tried their hand at
hollowing cuts.

The club lathe has been returned to Moe's shop. Please feel free to use it there. Bill Carley and I have
keys to the shop. Bill lives across the street from Moe, so give him a call if you want to use the shop.
Give me a call if you can't get up with him and I'll bring a key over. Please take time to read the
instructions for the equipment and be safe. Finally, please leave the shop as you find it.

Dave McKeithan
January, 9, 2006

Meeting 9

Time: Jan 3, 2006 6:30 pm

Greetings to all. I hope you have all been enjoying the Christmas holiday. Now that all the holiday
activity is behind us, it's time to get back to woodturning.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 3, 2006. The meeting will be at Dave McKeithan's shop.
The meeting will start at 6:30 and the first 30 minutes will be devoted to club business. We will try to
start our demo for the night at 7:00. All members are invited to attend both the business and demo
segments of the meeting.

The program for the night will be basic bowl turning. We will cover material preparation, mounting
methods, tools and basic turning techniques. I hope to turn a bowl quickly and turn the lathe over to
those who want to give it a try. Bring something you want to try to turn and I have a few blanks laying
around that someone can experiment with.

If we want to bring the club lathe from Moe's shop, someone give me a call and we'll arrange to get it

We had a small mix-up regarding when membership dues are due. A review of the previous minutes on
the website shows that the club was officially formed at our May meeting and all paid dues are good
until the end of April 2006. Of course if you want to pay early that would be appreciated. Any new or
early dues or contributions will be used to fund the next club purchase, a sharpening system.

Speaking of fund raising, we're going to have something new at this meeting. It will be a mini-raffle. I
have a $25 gift certificate from Woodcraft and I will try to get one from Klingspor as well. I also have
a couple of wood blanks. If any other members would like to bring wood or any other thing you have
laying around your shop that you don't really need that other people might be interested in, please bring
them and we will put them in the raffle. Raffle ticket will be $1 each and $6 for 5 tickets. All funds will
go towards the sharpening system, so bring your items to contribute to the raffle and a few extra dollar

We also have 10% discount coupons to Woodcraft. Everyone attending the meeting will receive a
coupon that is good for one use for the month.

We had our first officers meeting on December 20, 2005. The minutes of the meeting are posted on our
website, http://www.geocities.com/waxhawwoodturners/ We discussed some of our plans for the
coming year, so read through the minutes and voice your comments or suggestions at the business
segment of the January meeting. Your input is very important to the direction of the club.

Directions to the shop. From Monroe - take 200 south about 12 miles. You will go through a flashing
yellow light where Providence road crosses 200 (McCain's cross roads). Continue 0.8 mile to Steele
road and turn right. Go to the end of the state maintenance and the road turns into a farm road. Stay on
this road until it dead-ends at my house.

>From the south, Steele road is about 12 miles north of Lancaster and about 1 mile north of where
Davis road crosses 200.

>From Waxhaw, take hwy 75 towards Monroe. As you leave town, you will go through a sharp right
turn and about 1/4 mile ahead the road "Y's". There is fairly new service station there with a car wash.
75 goes to the left, but you should bear to the right. I think the name of this road is Waxhaw/Mineral
Springs road, but it has several names, depending on where you are on it. Take this road past a church
with an octagonal top and take the next right onto Providence road. Take this to hwy 200 and follow
the instructions above.

See you there.
Dave McKeithan