October 5, 2005

Meeting 6

Time: October 4, 2005 7:00 pm
Place: Moe Gingerich's place.

Hello all ye turners:

We had real good time with our Demonstrator Dwight Hartsell. President Paul Wyse introduced Mr.
Hartsell which then showed a number of techniques and a project of making Christmas Icicles. When
finished they have a delightful appearance which seems to have several color lines running at random
through the piece. He finished one and left it here. We will leave it hanging in the Club Shop for us to
see and be reminded of the techniques of making them.

We also looked at a small bowl, about 7-8 inches in diameter which Mr. Hartsell had demonstrated last
February when he was s here before. It had been turned wet and left in a brown paper bag with wood
chips drying since then. Now it is ready to do the finishing and we will leave it in the Shop also. Mr.
Hartsell just may become our own expert Club instructor! He was so encouraging and showed each
turner the correct way to hold and approach the lathe. It seemed so effortless when you guys were
doing the work. He also brought and showed the Ellsworth Signature gouges and allowed us to use
them. What a chance to use these tools, and to see how and why they work.

There was a suggestion that we have Mr. Hartsell come again and teach us proper sharpening
techniques using the not so expensive system used by Ellsworth. It costs in the neighborhood of under
$100. We should consider investing in one for the Club Shop. It is a good idea!

In attendance:
Bill Carley
Caleb Lawry
Dan Kurtz
Alan May
Willis Dalby
Michael Lothers
John A. Hutchinson
Arthur L. Wyse
Paul Wyse
Moe Gingerich
Franklin Dearmore
Cliff Greene

Dwight E. Hartsell

If you missed the meeting you surely have missed a good demo. Also we assembled the NEW Jet 1236
Lathe for the Club. It has variable speed control, seems to be quite easy to operate, and has good
features. It isn't very heavy which allows 2 men to load it and have a remote demonstration.

One of the primary reasons this model was chosen is to permit taking it to the Waxhaw Craft Show,
and other public venues to attract more members and make our club stronger and vibrant. A larger
membership will allow not only varied and different demonstrator programs, but also to give us a good
variety of members and more opportunities for us all.

Moses Gingerich- Secy/Treasurer
Psalm 1

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