August 2, 2005

Meeting 4

Time: August 2, 2005 7:00 pm
Place: Shop of Dave and Joan McKeithan

Topic: Turning Pens

We had an evening of seeing a very detailed video on how to turn pens. This subject interests many
folks and although it was exhaustive in it's content, the video showed many very helpful ideas. One
item was to plug the end of a pen tube before one glues it into a drilled blank. This prevents from the
glue going inside the tube and preventing the pen or pencil mechanism from working freely. That had
been a problem of at least one person I know (guess who!).

Dave and Joan were very gracious hosts. Dave had a number if items on display they had made like
interesting bowls with an inlay, and other very nice items. Dave then showed some more basic tool
handling which we all needed. Others had a chance to do some turning with some helpful critiquing
from Dave. Many thanks to the hosts for a fine evening.

An update was presented on the Educational Grant from the American Association of Woodturners.
The hope is that we will hear in September that the Club has won the grant to purchase a Jet 1236 lathe
with a Oneway Stronghold Chuck and some turning tools for demonstrations at the Waxhaw
Community Craft Show this fall and other venues t.b.a. Pens and spinning tops can be made on the
spot. The tops will go to the Christmas Tops for Tots program. Be ready with ideas so we can have a
good show. We need someone to head up the preparation and organize it. The next meeting that should
be on the agenda.

Remember the 2005 North Carolina Woodturning Show and Competition on October 28 & 29 held at
Klingspor's. PLEASE try to fit in and plan to have something turned to take along to this local show. It
should be very helpful for all of us that can, and we will learn much more if we are involved. Next
meeting this is also an Agenda item. Let's also make some Toys for Tots to give to children in local
hospitals, rehab groups, children home, etc. If you make some Christmas tree ornaments you can make
some extra money by selling them at the show.

There is some excavation going on at Moe's crawl space for the new Waxhaw Woodturners New Club
Shop. If you can stop by to assist in hauling out a few loads of dirt it would be appreciated very much.

In attendance were: Vernon Frank, Art Wyse and guest Dan Kurtz, Paul Wyse, Bill Carley, Joan
McKeithan, Joan McKeithan, and Moe Gingerich. Again thanks to the McKeithan's for their hospitality
and ongoing support of the club

Submitted by Moses Gingerich, Secy-Treas.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The floor may be poured for our new shop this Friday. If anyone can help on
Friday morning, PLEASE call Moe at 704-243-9051 or Bill Carley at 704-243-0624.

NOTICE: Per Pres. Wyse, No meeting for September due to the holiday, some being out of town etc.

Come to the Tuesday October 4th meeting with ideas to make YOUR club better and get involved!
Bring something you have made, either good or a mistake, that is how we learn!