June 7, 2005

Meeting 2

Time: June 7, 2005 7:00 pm
Place: Shop of Paul Wyse

The meeting was called to order by President, Paul Wyse with 8 in attendance. Visitors Brian Holm
and his son Landon were recognized along with other members, Art Wyse, John Hutchinson, Dave
McKeithan, Daniel Brinneman, Caleb Lawry and Paul Wyse were all recognized. Daniel was
introduced as the clubs webmaster and thanked for the good job he is doing. All are encouraged to
check it out at http://www.geocities.com/waxhawwoodturners

The president reported that the American association of Woodturners has granted the club the status of
Chapter 224. The club has received several magazines and videos from AAW. AAW has also sent us
some information of grants and special offers available to the club and it's members. These grants are
mainly for equipping the club with equipment for demos and training. We did a little dreaming re:
applying for money for a lathe to give demo during special events in Waxhaw and at Lowes stores. One
suggestion was to turn pens and sell them at such events. Dave McKeithan offered to research a lathe
that would be portable and useful at such events. There was also a suggestion that it would be nice to
have a regular place to meet for our meetings and activities. The President is looking to see what
options maybe available.

Treasurer/Secretaries report:

Moe Gingerich was out of town but did give a short report to the President that a checking account was
opened at ? He also reported that we had $140 in a savings account from dues. $40 more dollars were
collected at this meeting for dues.

Paul gave a report on Charlotte Woodturners demo on the last Saturday of May at the Charlotte art


Dave McKeithan made membership cards and nametags for members. Be sure and see Moe Gingerich
to get your membership card.

David Nittmann will be at the Mountains Woodturners meeting in Asheville on Saturday June 18th

The Charlotte Woodturners meeting is Thursday evening June 16th. Any visitors are welcome at these

Share and Tell

Paul showed a natural edge bowl he was working on, Paul showed several bowl turning tools Moe has
made and Caleb show several chess pieces he had made with out a lathe. Good going Caleb!

The feature of the evening was pen turning. Paul demonstrated the various steps of making a pen and
then a number took turns at the lathe practice turning a pen.

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM