December 21, 2005

Meeting 8

Minutes from Officers Meeting, 12/20/05
Prepared by: Dave McKeithan

Attendees: Bill Carley, Moe Gingerich, John Hutchinson, Dave McKeithan

The newly elected officers met on December 20, 2005. We reviewed and approved a draft of Officers
Duties. These are as follows:

President Preside over all meeting of the association Make specific assignments to other officers and
other members Make committee assignments Represent the association to other organizations Perform
duties of treasurer when absent

Vice President Perform duties of the president when absent Serve as program director Perform duties
of secretary when absent Other duties as assigned by the president

Secretary Take and publish minutes of all meetings Conduct all correspondence and serve a primary
communicator regarding the association's activities Be custodian of all association records Maintain a
list of members and visitors designating member status

Treasurer Collect dues, fees and other monies paid to the association and deposit such funds into the
association checking account Maintain the association checking account Keep an account of all monies
received and spend and report such activity at each monthly meeting. Prepare a written yearly
accounting of receipts and expenses for record and present to officers Make disbursements as approved
by the officers.

Librarian Collect, organize and catalog all documents, publications and other media belonging or
loaned to the association Create and maintain a listing of all media that is available to all members at
meetings and is posted on the association website Develop and maintain a sign-out process for loaning
out documents.

It was noted that a great deal of work is performed by the Secretary and Treasurer and that Moe is now
doing both of these functions. We agreed we should try to find another officer to perform one of these
duties. We will solicit for volunteers at the next meeting.

While Moe is away for the next three months, Dave will serve as Treasurer and Bill will serve as

We discussed the officer's succession policy. Since our group is small, we want to build some
flexibility into this. While we want to promote the yearly rotation and succession of all officer
positions, we want to retain the flexibility for people to opt out of a position if they desire and to bring
new individuals into the positions if they want to participate. We will work out the appropriate wording
for the by-laws.

It was decided we should adopt a set of by-laws that will document the policies and practices we have
agreed to at our previous meetings. Dave will work on drafting a document which will be presented to
the officers for review and then to the membership for approval.

We have also decided to extend our meeting hours to provide more time for demos and other planned
programs. In the future we will start our meeting at 6:30. The first half hour will be dedicated to club
business. We will attempt to start the program for the evening promptly at 7:00, ending at 9:00. This
will give us a full two hours of lathe time. All members are invited to attend both the business session
as well as the program session. We want to start organizing our program for next year. At the next
meeting we will solicit the members to give us ideas for things they would like to see at future
meetings. For the January meeting, Dave will do a demo on bowl turning basics. For February we hope
to be able to do a demo on sharpening tools. We will be trying to get volunteer demonstrators from
other local clubs to come out and demo their specialties. We also want to begin looking into club
demos at places like Home Depot and the crafts shows in Waxhaw and perhaps Lancaster. As Program
Director, Bill will coordinate this activity, so please forward ideas to him.

We also discussed means for raising money for the club. One possibility is to have raffles or auctions at
the meetings. We can get $15-$25 gift certificates from companies like Woodcraft and Klingspor and
people can donate wood or other shop supplies they don't need. We can sell tickets for $1 for each item
and draw the winners at the end of each meeting. This works well for the Charlotte club and they
always bring in a few extra bucks for the club.

It is also possible to bring in some money at club demos. We can give bowls or other items we are
turning during the demo in exchange for a contribution to the club. Likewise, we can set up a gallery of
member's turnings and offer them for sale with some percentage, such as 20% of the sale, going to the

We discussed the next purchase for the club. It was unanimously agreed that we should purchase a tool
sharpening system. This will consist of a slow speed grinder and a jig system similar to the Wolverine

December 7, 2005

Meeting 7

Time: December 6, 2005 7:00 pm

To All Members of the Waxhaw Woodturners Club


We missed those of you that were not able to be with us. There were 12 in attendance and the food was
good. We had a great time together today at Mariachis for the Christmas / December meeting.

President Wyse called the meeting to order. First, the slate-of-officers were approved by voice vote and
only one abstention: Bill Carley, I don't believe he wanted to vote since it meant he would be our new
Vice President! He has graciously accepted but wanted to fuss just a bit on the surprise nomination.
(We love you Bill and you will do just fine!)

The new officers for 2005 are:
President-Dave McKeithan
Vice-President-Bill Carley
Librarian-John Hutchinson
Secy-Treasurer-Moe Gingerich

Please note that at the November meeting it was approved to have a rotating officer's pattern. This
means that The Librarian next year and the Vice president will move up one slot to President and Vice-
President. A new Librarian will be elected each year with the "old officers" moving up one slot and the
President will be retired. This provides for a lower workload for each position and a little experience
for each Officer before moving into the next slot. This has been a very viable system for other
organizations, but of course can be altered, as the Club needs change. In addition, the president will be
an approved signature on the checking account at First Charter Bank in Waxhaw.

Our Next Meeting will be on January 3rd, the First Tuesday evening. Place and time will be announced
by our new President Dave McKeithan. The WWClub Shop will be available while Moe will be in
Sarasota, Florida helping Edna to take care of her mother. You will need to pick up a key from
President Dave (704-843-4907) or V-P Bill (704-243-0624) after Moe leaves which will be close to
Christmas. Please feel free to avail yourself of the shop during the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

We had a mini White Elephant Gift Exchange and it was fun to see how many wood projects were
included. Real nice stuff you are making folks! We wished Paul and Peggy Wyse speedy traveling and
we will be so sorry to see them go to Harrisonburg, Va. Vernon Frank offered a prayer of Blessing for
them as they leave. We will miss them very much. Paul's wisdom has been good in our new Club.

God Bless all of you and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Submitted by:
Moses Gingerich
Secy-Treasurer Waxhaw Woodturners

October 5, 2005

Meeting 6

Time: October 4, 2005 7:00 pm
Place: Moe Gingerich's place.

Hello all ye turners:

We had real good time with our Demonstrator Dwight Hartsell. President Paul Wyse introduced Mr.
Hartsell which then showed a number of techniques and a project of making Christmas Icicles. When
finished they have a delightful appearance which seems to have several color lines running at random
through the piece. He finished one and left it here. We will leave it hanging in the Club Shop for us to
see and be reminded of the techniques of making them.

We also looked at a small bowl, about 7-8 inches in diameter which Mr. Hartsell had demonstrated last
February when he was s here before. It had been turned wet and left in a brown paper bag with wood
chips drying since then. Now it is ready to do the finishing and we will leave it in the Shop also. Mr.
Hartsell just may become our own expert Club instructor! He was so encouraging and showed each
turner the correct way to hold and approach the lathe. It seemed so effortless when you guys were
doing the work. He also brought and showed the Ellsworth Signature gouges and allowed us to use
them. What a chance to use these tools, and to see how and why they work.

There was a suggestion that we have Mr. Hartsell come again and teach us proper sharpening
techniques using the not so expensive system used by Ellsworth. It costs in the neighborhood of under
$100. We should consider investing in one for the Club Shop. It is a good idea!

In attendance:
Bill Carley
Caleb Lawry
Dan Kurtz
Alan May
Willis Dalby
Michael Lothers
John A. Hutchinson
Arthur L. Wyse
Paul Wyse
Moe Gingerich
Franklin Dearmore
Cliff Greene

Dwight E. Hartsell

If you missed the meeting you surely have missed a good demo. Also we assembled the NEW Jet 1236
Lathe for the Club. It has variable speed control, seems to be quite easy to operate, and has good
features. It isn't very heavy which allows 2 men to load it and have a remote demonstration.

One of the primary reasons this model was chosen is to permit taking it to the Waxhaw Craft Show,
and other public venues to attract more members and make our club stronger and vibrant. A larger
membership will allow not only varied and different demonstrator programs, but also to give us a good
variety of members and more opportunities for us all.

Moses Gingerich- Secy/Treasurer
Psalm 1

September 6, 2005

Meeting 5

Time: September 6, 2005.
Place: None.

NOTICE: Per Pres. Wyse, No meeting for September due to the holiday, some being out of town etc.

August 2, 2005

Meeting 4

Time: August 2, 2005 7:00 pm
Place: Shop of Dave and Joan McKeithan

Topic: Turning Pens

We had an evening of seeing a very detailed video on how to turn pens. This subject interests many
folks and although it was exhaustive in it's content, the video showed many very helpful ideas. One
item was to plug the end of a pen tube before one glues it into a drilled blank. This prevents from the
glue going inside the tube and preventing the pen or pencil mechanism from working freely. That had
been a problem of at least one person I know (guess who!).

Dave and Joan were very gracious hosts. Dave had a number if items on display they had made like
interesting bowls with an inlay, and other very nice items. Dave then showed some more basic tool
handling which we all needed. Others had a chance to do some turning with some helpful critiquing
from Dave. Many thanks to the hosts for a fine evening.

An update was presented on the Educational Grant from the American Association of Woodturners.
The hope is that we will hear in September that the Club has won the grant to purchase a Jet 1236 lathe
with a Oneway Stronghold Chuck and some turning tools for demonstrations at the Waxhaw
Community Craft Show this fall and other venues t.b.a. Pens and spinning tops can be made on the
spot. The tops will go to the Christmas Tops for Tots program. Be ready with ideas so we can have a
good show. We need someone to head up the preparation and organize it. The next meeting that should
be on the agenda.

Remember the 2005 North Carolina Woodturning Show and Competition on October 28 & 29 held at
Klingspor's. PLEASE try to fit in and plan to have something turned to take along to this local show. It
should be very helpful for all of us that can, and we will learn much more if we are involved. Next
meeting this is also an Agenda item. Let's also make some Toys for Tots to give to children in local
hospitals, rehab groups, children home, etc. If you make some Christmas tree ornaments you can make
some extra money by selling them at the show.

There is some excavation going on at Moe's crawl space for the new Waxhaw Woodturners New Club
Shop. If you can stop by to assist in hauling out a few loads of dirt it would be appreciated very much.

In attendance were: Vernon Frank, Art Wyse and guest Dan Kurtz, Paul Wyse, Bill Carley, Joan
McKeithan, Joan McKeithan, and Moe Gingerich. Again thanks to the McKeithan's for their hospitality
and ongoing support of the club

Submitted by Moses Gingerich, Secy-Treas.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The floor may be poured for our new shop this Friday. If anyone can help on
Friday morning, PLEASE call Moe at 704-243-9051 or Bill Carley at 704-243-0624.

NOTICE: Per Pres. Wyse, No meeting for September due to the holiday, some being out of town etc.

Come to the Tuesday October 4th meeting with ideas to make YOUR club better and get involved!
Bring something you have made, either good or a mistake, that is how we learn!

July 5, 2005

Meeting 3

Time: July 5, 2005 7:00 pm
Place: Shop of Moe Gingerich
5813 Stonebridge Lane

June 7, 2005

Meeting 2

Time: June 7, 2005 7:00 pm
Place: Shop of Paul Wyse

The meeting was called to order by President, Paul Wyse with 8 in attendance. Visitors Brian Holm
and his son Landon were recognized along with other members, Art Wyse, John Hutchinson, Dave
McKeithan, Daniel Brinneman, Caleb Lawry and Paul Wyse were all recognized. Daniel was
introduced as the clubs webmaster and thanked for the good job he is doing. All are encouraged to
check it out at

The president reported that the American association of Woodturners has granted the club the status of
Chapter 224. The club has received several magazines and videos from AAW. AAW has also sent us
some information of grants and special offers available to the club and it's members. These grants are
mainly for equipping the club with equipment for demos and training. We did a little dreaming re:
applying for money for a lathe to give demo during special events in Waxhaw and at Lowes stores. One
suggestion was to turn pens and sell them at such events. Dave McKeithan offered to research a lathe
that would be portable and useful at such events. There was also a suggestion that it would be nice to
have a regular place to meet for our meetings and activities. The President is looking to see what
options maybe available.

Treasurer/Secretaries report:

Moe Gingerich was out of town but did give a short report to the President that a checking account was
opened at ? He also reported that we had $140 in a savings account from dues. $40 more dollars were
collected at this meeting for dues.

Paul gave a report on Charlotte Woodturners demo on the last Saturday of May at the Charlotte art


Dave McKeithan made membership cards and nametags for members. Be sure and see Moe Gingerich
to get your membership card.

David Nittmann will be at the Mountains Woodturners meeting in Asheville on Saturday June 18th

The Charlotte Woodturners meeting is Thursday evening June 16th. Any visitors are welcome at these

Share and Tell

Paul showed a natural edge bowl he was working on, Paul showed several bowl turning tools Moe has
made and Caleb show several chess pieces he had made with out a lathe. Good going Caleb!

The feature of the evening was pen turning. Paul demonstrated the various steps of making a pen and
then a number took turns at the lathe practice turning a pen.

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM

May 10, 2005

Meeting 1

Time: May 10, 2005 7:00pm
Place: Shop of Dave and Joan McKeithan

The meeting was called to order by Paul Wyse with 11 in attendance. After recognition of all attendees
and a few remarks, Moe Gingerich reported on the need to be officially organized as a Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners as per information received from a Mr. James Hill from AAW
the contact for the Local Chapter Committee. He sent a draft of by-laws suggested by the AAW. After
some discussion, all those in attendance approved the by-laws to form the basis for a new Chapter of
the AAW with a name of The Waxhaw Woodturners.

Election of officers was as follows: Paul Wyse, President and Moe Gingerich, Sec'y-Treasurer with
offices in effect for a period of one year.

There were some suggestions from Mr. Hill on membership promotions, value of the liability insurance
program of AAW for local chapters at no cost, discounts by certain tool supply stores like Klingspors
and Woodcraft Supply and more.

Membership cards will be made for members by Dave McKeithan.

Joan McKeithan requested to have name tags for attendees.

Dues will be $20.00 per year for regular members, $10.00 for students and active missionaries payable

Paul Wyse suggested we make a contest for members to design a logo to be used in official business.
All were encouraged to bring their suggestion to the next meeting.

Meeting notices will be mailed or e-mailed 14 days before the next scheduled meeting.

Several ideas were suggested as a method to attract new members from the surrounding Carolinas area
including but not limited to: Newspaper releases and a demonstration at the local Lowes store.

Paul Wyse then introduced Dave McKeithan as our speaker/teacher for the evening.

Dave provided a handout on the basics of the lathe, safe operation, The Six Laws of Woodturning by
Keith Rowley, Four primary groups of tools used and their proper usage for safe operation, and two
basic cutting mechanisms used in woodturning tools. He demonstrated each tool and others were
invited to try them out. This was a very good presentation.

Also since there were several that had conflicts with the meeting time of on the Second Tuesday
evening each month, a decision was made to change to the FIRST TUESDAY EACH MONTH

A group photo was taken and adjournment at approx. 9:00pm